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Radiator Selection Rules

Rules radiators selection

In today's market radiators buyer presents its wide range of cast iron radiators, steel, bi-metal, aluminum appliances.

When selecting radiator costs play an important role and appearance, but the key factor is the technical characteristics of the device.

Not all the radiators are suitable for installation inexisting central heating communications. The calculated supply temperature in the pipe system is 105 ° C, the pressure is maintained at 10 atmospheres, sometimes higher. In addition to the heating system may be pressure surges that occur at the start of pumping equipment and because of the poor quality of water. Most current models of radiators have high requirements to the coolant. In an open heating systems are unfortunately not provided. So pick up the heater must be in accordance with the parameters of the system.

Cast iron radiators

The sectional cast iron radiators -traditional instruments in our country. Their main advantage over the others is the lack of sensitivity to drain the system. This means that the drain water from the system can be arbitrarily often, and these radiators are suitable for use in open systems. Cast iron has a high thermal conductivity. In addition, it is resistant to corrosion and is virtually impossible to ravages of solid particles occurring in the coolant.

The disadvantage is a large cast iron radiatorsthermal inertia, in which the response to the opening or closing of the thermostatic valve is not fast (cast iron radiators heat up and cool down slowly for a long time). Also, cast iron - brittle material, and made of him radiators are afraid of water hammer. Speaking of iron stable resistance to impact, it should be noted that most of this material radiators suitable for operation under pressure of 9-12 atmospheres and a maximum temperature of 110 ° C coolant.

Aluminium radiators

Aluminium - durable, hygienic and easymaterial, allowing you to create reliable radiators. This material, unlike iron combines low thermal inertia of good thermal conductivity. The operating pressure of aluminum radiators, depending on the selected model varies from 6 to 20 atmospheres.

Aluminum radiators are made for twotechnology: extruding (extrusion) and injection molding. Extrusion radiators produced by punching an aluminum weight through different calibers. By using this high-purity aluminum. Radiators are made in such a way to mount the sensor in the system, where as a coolant instead of water there is antifreeze. This is due to high demands to the coolant radiators quality.

Alloy Batteries made by casting aluminum in pressurized form. It is used in this so-called silumin - an alloy of aluminum and silicon.

The aluminum radiators during operation starts to separate and collect the hydrogen, so these instruments need to supply the air vent.

Since aluminum is a reactivemetal radiators made from it sensitive to the chemical composition of the coolant. Its acidity should be between pH 7-8. Given these features aluminum products should be installed in the homes, where the level of acidity of the water is controlled or changed not guaranteed.

In order to avoid direct contact of the reactive aluminum and steel radiators for embedding into the heating system it is recommended to use bronze, brass, cast iron, or adapters.

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Bimetallic radiators

In these radiators combine the best propertiestubular steel, sectional aluminum radiators. Each section consists of a steel tube filled aluminum alloy. To improve reliability during temperature drops and improve corrosion resistance of the radiator applied dopants.

Bimetallic radiators are durable and strong,withstand pressures up to 50 atmospheres. To aluminum is not in contact with the coolant, these heating devices installed steel core. With this parameter to the pH and the quality of the coolant radiators make low demands.

Thanks to its technical characteristics anddesign features bimetallic radiators have proven themselves in the market of heating equipment, they are suitable for installation in buildings of any height.

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