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The relevance of the works of A.S. Pushkin


A.S.Pushkin is one of those poets whose work is studied at school. Teachers want to convince the students of the eternal works of the genius poet, in the never-ending value of his work, but the teenage rebelliousness of schoolchildren comes into conflict with the teachings of teachers: Pushkin lived and worked 200 years ago, today he is no longer relevant! But experienced teachers know: time will pass, youthful maximalism will wither and the urgency of Pushkin's works will become obvious.

Alexander Pushkin
Talk about the relevance of Pushkin can not only apply to his specific works, but also to the creativity of the poet as a whole, considering it in development.


The main distinguishing feature of Pushkin'sWorks can be called an orientation to the "laws of beauty." His language is surprisingly harmonious and remains so even in those cases when it comes to some ugly and even terrible manifestations of the surrounding world, for example, the Pugachev revolt in the "Captain's Daughter", the moral fall of Hermann in "The Queen of Spades."

The poet does not idealize reality, he judges it byAesthetic laws. This is his answer to the question that aesthetics has been putting forward for several centuries: how exactly should art affect people. This question is still relevant today: contemporary art increasingly breaks down into attempts to shock the viewer, listener, reader by demonstrating something ugly (causing the behavior of artists on stage, obscene expressions in literary texts, etc.). Often this causes a storm of protest among the public that does not stop the "innovators". In such conditions, Pushkin's work becomes an example of art that could awaken both thought and feeling without shocking with ugliness.

Eternal themes

Works by A.S.Pushkin is imbued with thoughts and feelings that have excited and will always excite people. The poet sings of love, friendship, love of the Motherland - all this is close and understandable and modern man. It is not by chance that young lovers can read to their beloved "I remember a wonderful moment ...", and modern patriots are happy to quote in social networks "Slanderers of Russia".

One can argue that over 200 years these conceptsHave undergone changes that even modern love is different from that described in the works of Alexander Pushkin. Indeed, television, magazines, modern literature and other "information channels" create such an impression. But it's enough to talk to any teenage girl to make sure: she wants to feel not a thing to be used, but a loved one wants to find a beloved - not a "partner", wants a beautiful romantic relationship, and this is the kind of love that A. S. Pushkin.

Growing up

It is noteworthy that in the early period of A.S.Pushkin wrote only poetry, but later often gave preference to prose. Prose is often called "harsh", opposing verses. The transition to prose marks a departure from the romantic spirit of youth, still marked by some idealization of the world. Pushkin's prose, like the poems of this period, is more realistic than his earlier poems, but this realism is not accompanied by disappointment in ideals.

Noteworthy in this respect is the image of loveIn Pushkin's prose. It is not always exalted, in some cases dictated by an attempt to escape from the hateful way of life (Lizaveta Ivanovna's love in "The Queen of Spades"). Not always a youthful feeling, largely copied from "beautiful" novels, can become the basis of conjugal happiness. For many years readers have been trying to understand why Marya Kirillovna did not leave the carriage in the finale of the story "Dubrovsky": she obeyed fate or realized that under the conditions that Dubrovsky can offer, a strong family will not work.

But such a critical attitude toward love does not reduceIts values. Love grows up with a man. This growing up sweeps away all false, artificial - as the naive plans of the heroes in the story "Blizzard" sweep away the wind. True love in the process of growing acquires a new quality, as it happens with the heroes of the "Captain's Daughter".

Such "growing up of feelings" in the works of A.S.Pushkin helps grow up and the reader if he is young, and a mature or elderly person can look back at life he has lived. Both that, and another will be actual always.

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