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The relationship between the daughter and mother

The relationship between the daughter and mother

The problem of any family - a relationship-in-law and daughter.

What relations are between the mother-and daughter and what are commonly associated problems?

One reason for the differences between the daughter andin-law is living together. Two mistress in the house - this is a problem. In-law rules set out in the family for years, and the daughter in law comes from a completely different family, which also had its own rules. Therefore, there are generally quarrel because of domestic problems. Not to put, not washed the floor or the dishes, incorrectly folded things in the closet, and more. If the young live separately, rarely seen with her husband's parents, these problems disappear. But unfortunately, not at all.

There are some in-law, who evendistance trying to manage a young family. Or your favorite activity or harmful in-law to appear at a party with absolutely no warning, to check how clean the house, cooked lunch or not, whether naglazheny shirt and trousers of her beloved son. And after these checks, making sure that everything is not the way she wanted her son to keep ringing with complaints and criticism of the daughter. Bringing so quarrel in their family.

Any mother is always on the side of histhe mother of the child, no matter how many years he was not forgetting that next to her baby, too, someone's child. Especially hard to account for those girls who have married a guy who is an only child, but can still be late.

The mother, who throughout his life gaveall of herself only to him, sacrificing the interests, career, will not be able to part with their child. Therefore, the girl with the mother in law will be very difficult to improve relations.

Such mothers can understand, because now veryMany women raise their children themselves, without the involvement of the other parent. And giving her son to another woman, she may be afraid to stay alone and completely useless. Then the daughter should try to gently and very well explain to her that you do not want to take away all of her son. And you will be worthy of encouragement and support her child.

The girl is very lucky if her husband would not mama's boy. Will have their opinions and listen to it, it does not hurt my mother.

We must not forget the fact that the daughter is notalways ideal. And it can also be the cause of quarrels, twirling too docile and credulous husband against parents. Most are good relations between the daughter and mother when the mother-in-advance approves the choice of his son. Then she will do everything possible to the children to live in peace and harmony.

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