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RECORDINGS among cats


Record-holders among cats</a>

Many houses have beautiful fluffy lumps. Cats are able to cheer us up, become a close friend and warm our heart.

Among this usato-striped family there are their record holders and unique representatives.



The oldest cat in the world is recognized by Lucy. Now she is 40 years old! Lucy still likes to play and run - sometimes even catches mice in the garden.


The most fat cat in the world Siamese named KathyLives in the city of Asbest of the Sverdlovsk region. Weigh a pussy of 23 kilograms, behaves imposingly and proudly lies on the scales, showing off their rounded sides.


Do you know about multi-fingered cats? This is an unusual breed, which has up to seven fingers on each paw. Their feature is due to a gene mutation.


Savannah - the most expensive of the existing breeds of cats, derived through the hybridization of the African serval and domestic cat. The price for a kitten of this breed can reach 22 000 dollars.


The cat Mr. Peebles is officially recognized as the smallest domestic cat in the world. He is two years old, and he weighs only 1 kilogram and 300 grams.

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