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The record holder among cats

The record holder among cats

Many live at home lovely fluffy lumps. Cats are able to pick us up, to become a close friend and to warm our hearts.

Among this family of baleen and Stripes has its champions and unique representatives.



The oldest cat in the world the recognition of Lucy. She is now 40 years old! Lucy still loves to play and run around - sometimes catches mice in the garden.


The thickest Siamese cat in the world named CathyHe lives in the city of Asbest, Sverdlovsk Region. Pussy weighs 23 kilograms, behaves imposingly and proudly lies in the balance, showing off her rounded hips.


You know about the polydactyl cats? This is an unusual breed, which has seven toes on each paw. His feature they have received because of a gene mutation.


Savannah - the most expensive of the currently existing breeds of cats bred by hybridization of African serval and a domestic cat. The price for a kitten of this breed can reach 22 000 dollars.


Côte Mr. Peebles officially recognized as the smallest domestic cat in the world. He is two years, and it weighs just 1 kilogram and 300 grams.

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