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PLUSES and cons of a cinder block house

Pros and cons of a cinder block house</a>

The slag block, like all other building materials, has positive and negative properties.

In advance, by providing for all the disadvantages when building a house, you will save yourself from problems in the future.

Today we can talk about a fairly wideThe use of cinder block, in particular, this also concerns the construction of houses. The choice of this material has its pros and cons. To determine, all factors should be evaluated.

Pros of the house from the cinder block

Among the advantages of the cinder block, it is necessary to distinguish itResistance to fire. This house is not threatened with serious damage in case of fire, which can not be said for a house with a wooden frame.

The dwelling of the cinder block is not difficult and is repaired with minimal investment of money.

The houses built of slag blocks are goodResistance to natural disasters. This issue is relevant for regions where earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes occur. Between slag blocks it is customary to lay steel rods, a mixture of cement, sand, stone - such a house can withstand gusts of strong wind, does not give cracks and a foundation.
The building will have good sound insulation andThermal insulation, concrete excellently absorbs sounds from the inside, does not let the heat and cold outside. Due to this, it is possible to significantly save energy for heating the house, its conditioning. There is no need to fear that insects will penetrate into the house, in contrast to the buildings made of wood.

Disadvantages of slag-block houses

The drawbacks primarily concern the appearance. Such material as cinder block does not pull to the modern level, many other specimens have a more presentable appearance.

Today there is a cinderblock and with a decorative texture, but it needs its own project and workers with extensive experience in this area. Only in this case it is possible to achieve good results.

Houses of cinder blocks are afraid of water, so they are notIt is recommended to build in places with frequent floods. Or you will have to use waterproof materials, drainage system, which requires investment of funds.
As for talking about the dangers of such houses, it depends entirely on the manufacturing plant - on what the unit is made of. Therefore, it is better to find and check the information on the composition in advance.
Slag block house is quite expensive. The final price depends on many factors. If there are decorative elements, the cost will be higher. It must also be taken into account that often in such a house there are difficulties with laying pipes and water supply, this is due to the fact that the walls are quite dense. For this you need special tools and equipment.

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