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PROCEDURE for land surveying of land


The procedure for surveying land</a>

Land plots are real estate objects.

At any operations with them, which are necessarily registered in the cadastral register, it is necessary not only to know their exact location, but also the encumbrances.

A complete package of information about the land can be collected only in the process of surveying.

What is the land survey for?

Land survey - clarification and establishment of borders andThe area of ​​the land plot, their coordination with all adjacent land users, and the formation of a package of legal documents. These documents confirm the right to use, determine the types of permitted use of this land and existing encumbrances that may limit its use. This information is contained in the document "Landmark Plan", which is drawn up in a unified form. Based on the boundary plan, the site is registered as an object of law in the state cadastral authorities (Rosreestr).

Any operation with land: Purchase and sale, gift, lease it, etc., is not considered legal until it is registered with these bodies. Therefore, surveying should be done in any case, even if you already have a land plot, the actual boundaries of which were established many years ago and which has long been used for its intended purpose.

Surveying allows you to determine the actual area of ​​the site and legalize it, even if it is more than specified in the title documents.

Stages of land survey

The order of carrying out of boundary works is precisely registered inThe Federal Law "On the State Real Estate Cadastre", and the procedure for drawing up a land survey plan is regulated by legal acts of the Ministry of Economic Development. The complex of works on surveying includes several stages:

1. Collect all necessary documentation for the site. These are documents confirming the ownership and documents on the basis of which this right was granted, as well as other available information and reference materials.

2. Clarify the boundaries of the site and align them with adjacent land users. Geodetic survey - determination of the coordinates of the node points of the site, calculation of the lengths of its sides and the total area.

3. Preparation of a land survey plan using all the information received. This information is included in the composition of the boundary plan in the form of applications.

4. Delivery of a land surveying plan to regional bodies of Rosreestr for registration of a cadastral passport that confirms the registration and placement of this land plot for state cadastral registration.

How to conduct land surveying of your land

As a rule, the citizen hasA certificate of ownership or other act of local self-government confirming this right, as well as a document-basis: Resolution of the head of the municipal administration, a contract of sale, gift, exchange or a document on the right of inheritance. You need to make copies of these documents. The legislation does not specify the need for notarization of these copies, but if you do not live in Moscow, local officials may require you to confirm their authenticity. In addition, in the architecture you can order information information. It usually contains a layout of the site, information about the territorial zoning, including. Information from the General Plan, the Rules of Land Use and Development, other information on the presence of security zones.

Specify which firms in your city are engaged inLand surveying. Only a certified cadastral engineer who works as an individual entrepreneur or as part of such a company can produce a land surveying plan. Examine the prices and read the reviews, only then conclude a contract for surveying, selecting the artist for the optimal ratio of quality and cost of land management works. It is better, if under the terms of the contract, you make an advance payment through the bank, and pay the rest of the money after the landmark plan is ready. Talk about the time when the surveyor can come to your site and make the necessary measurements.

A contract concluded according to all the rules will allow you to observe your interests if the surveying work is performed poorly or not in time.

The most difficult process is the harmonization of bordersLand plot with adjacent land users. At the choice of the cadastral engineer, he can do this individually or in a list with the convocation of a meeting of all interested parties - those whose border areas are adjacent to your borders. Information about your neighbors can be obtained from Rosreestr's authorities. The existing disagreements are formalized by the acts that are attached to the land surveying plan. After the registration of the act of coordinating the borders, these disagreements can be resolved through the courts.

After you receive a landmark plan,It must be submitted to the authorities of Rosreestr for verification and registration of the land plot. Since recently, the landmark plan is provided to the customer in electronic form. You can also transfer it to the State Cadastre Chamber electronically, but with a copy printed on paper. After a while, provided that the land survey plan is correctly drawn up, you can get a cadastral plan of your land plot, confirming that information about this territory, its borders and the owner is included in the State Cadastre of Real Estate.

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