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How to patent an invention in Ukraine


How to patent an invention in Ukraine</a>

If you are engaged in scientific activity, the skillful patenting of your own inventions is an important factor in the success and advancement of the career ladder.

For each use of your patent in any development, you will be transferred a certain amount of money.

The more important for modern science, the invention that you patented, the more it will be used, and, therefore, the more money you will earn.



Study the Ukrainian legislation on this issue, and you will know how to patent invention, And you can go through all the procedures as quickly as possible. Carefully store and protect patent documentation, this may depend on the success of your future career.


If you want to patent your invention, Contact the Patent Office of Ukraine,Provide all the necessary technical documentation. Namely, prepare materials that reveal the essence of your invention, information about the applicant (name, address), information about the author (name, address), data on the priority application (date, number and strange in which the application was submitted) and sealed power of attorney.


The staff of the department will carefully study allProvided data, will conduct examination and verification. In the end, a decision will be made on patenting. According to the Ukrainian legislation, the term of the patent is 20 years from the date of filing the application, with the proviso that you will pay an annual fee to maintain the patent in force. Independently carrying out all the above procedures for an ordinary scientist seems too time consuming, so entrust it to experienced professionals who know where to patent invention, And will carry out all the necessary activities in the shortest possible time.


After you get a patent, you canTo dispose of it at its own discretion in accordance with Ukrainian laws. Consult with a lawyer on this issue, and you will know exactly what actions you can take on a patent, and what actions you should not take. The more popular and important your invention For humanity, the more scientific andIndustrial figures will use it in their development. You can spend the received money on carrying out of new scientific researches and experiences or on the organization of own scientific research institute. Knowing how much it costs to patent invention, You can save a certain amount of money to realize your ideas.

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