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How to patent an invention in Ukraine

How to patent an invention in Ukraine

If you are engaged in scientific activities, the skilful patenting inventions of their own is an important factor in the success and move up the career ladder.

For each of your use of the patent in any development, you will be credited a certain amount of money.

What is more important for modern science is an invention that you have patented is, the more often it will be used, and therefore, the more money you earn.



Learn Ukrainian legislation on the matter, and you will know how to patent inventionAnd will be able to go through all the procedures as quickly as possible. Carefully store and expose the patent documentation, this may depend on the success of your future career.


If you want to patent their inventionRefer to the Patent Office of Ukraine,provide all necessary technical documentation. Namely, prepare materials that reveal the essence of your invention, data about the applicant (name and address), information about the author (name, address) of the priority application data (date, number and country in which the application was submitted), and sealed with the seal of authorization.


Office staff will carefully examine allprovided data hold examination and verification. In the end, a decision on patenting. According to Ukrainian law, the term of a patent is 20 years from the date of filing of the application, on the condition that you will pay an annual fee to maintain the patent in force. Independently carry out all the procedures described above for the average scientist seems too time-consuming, so you should trust its experienced professionals, who know where to patent inventionAnd carry out all necessary measures as soon as possible.


Once you will be given a patent, you candispose of them at its discretion, in accordance with Ukrainian law. Consult with a lawyer on this matter, and you will know exactly what actions you can perform on the patent, and any action it is not necessary to do. The more popular and important than your invention for humanity, the more scientific andindustry figures it will use in their designs. The money you will spend on carrying out new research and experiments or for the organization's own research institute. Knowing how much it cost to patent inventionYou can save some money for the realization of their ideas.

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