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PACKAGE of documents for privatization of the apartment


Package of documents for privatization of the apartment</a>

Privatization of state apartments was extended until March 1, 2015.

All citizens who have not yet transferredHousing from the state fund into private ownership, can take advantage of the opportunity and conduct a privatization procedure, having prepared a number of relevant documents.

Documents required for the privatization of the apartment

To privatize a public apartment and transfer it to private ownership, you will need to prepare a package of documents:

  • The contract of social hiring of housing. Propagate it on a copier and present three copies of the photocopies and one copy of the original.
  • Extract from the house book. This document is made in the housing department and is entered into it by all family members who have ever been registered in a residential area, issued under a social contract of employment. Two photocopies and one original is attached to the package of documents on privatization.
  • Original and photocopy of account statement. Get this document you can in the management company, which sends you receipts for payment of utility bills.
  • Originals and photocopies of passports and certificates ofBirth of all registered citizens. Photocopies should be removed from the first and second pages, as well as from the page where the seal is placed, confirming the registration on the living area.
  • Xerox copies and originals explication and floorPlan of the apartment. All documents must be certified by the Technical Inventory Bureau. If more than 5 years have elapsed since the registration of these documents, you will need to update the information, calling the technical officer of the BTI. If the redevelopment was carried out and you do not have the relevant documents, that is, you did all the work unauthorized, you need to legalize the redevelopment and get technical information from the BTI.
  • A warrant, a social employment contract or an extract confirming the right to enter into a social employment contract. All documents in the originals and attached photocopies in triplicate.
  • Application for privatization. You will write it when dealing with all documents in the housing department of the administration of your district.

The order of privatization

The privatization procedure is sufficientplain. After preparing all the necessary documents, you apply to the housing department of your district. After a certain time, which is not more than 30 days and can vary depending on the region, you are given a contract for privatization. You sign it and apply for registration of ownership in the state registration service.

Please note, if you have already participated inFree privatization, the second time you can arrange an apartment in the property, paying for it cadastral value. All minors who took part in the privatization of housing together with their parents have the right to privatize an apartment under a social contract for the second time absolutely free of charge when they reach adulthood.

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