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ORIGINAL design for the hallway


Original design for the hallway</a>

Today, there are a lot of interesting solutions for the original design of the hallway.

After all, opening the door of the house, all are at first in the hallway - the first room that meets guests, and therefore it should be decorated not only functionally, but also beautifully.

The entrance hall starts with a hanger

First of all, any hallway must fulfillTheir functional responsibilities. That is why furniture is an important part of the interior. Hanger or closet, comfortable sofa or ottoman, small chest of drawers or table - choosing interior objects for decoration of the room, you need to proceed from the size of the area and the number of residents.

It is obvious that for a large familyClosed closet is better than an open coat rack. A large collection of clothes requires a separate storage space. The ideal solution in this case is to make a cabinet with a mirror facade and convenient lighting. If the apartment is inhabited by 1-2 people, then the highlight of the interior will be the original designer hanger. All furniture for the hallway should be shallow, without serving accessories. It is best if the cabinet or chest of drawers are equipped with sliding systems.

It should be remembered that in creating the rightInterior for the hallway can not be trifles. The fact is that in most cases the hallway is a narrow and long room that can be turned into something. The main thing is to choose the original design.

Often in the hallway there are no windows, so the lack of daylight should be replaced by artificial light.

Original design tricks

According to experts, the ideal design of the hallwayMust combine the beauty, convenience and functionality. Laconic forms and flowing lines in tandem with properly selected lighting will help to emphasize all the advantages and hide, if necessary, shortcomings.

In addition, working on creating a design forHallway, you should not forget about enough original tricks. This can be: zoning rooms, styling, use of mirrors and niches with internal lighting, sliding internal doors and comfortable modular furniture. However, we should not forget about the decisive role assigned to the correctly chosen color combination.

Very original in the design of the hallway look likeNiches with illumination. Different lighting helps create a harmonious atmosphere and coziness. If the room needs to be slightly expanded, try equipping the opposite walls with mirrors. In addition, interiors are very interesting, where the walls are decorated with decorative stickers from velor. Correctly chosen contrasting colors also help to make the room bigger and visually expand the space. Another original technique is a multi-level ceiling.

The main requirement for the design of the hall is rationality, and only then the original design.

It should be remembered that the hallway is alsoA full-fledged premise, therefore, it is necessary to make high demands on its design. Especially it concerns the quality of all finishing materials, which must have high wear resistance.

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