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MOST unusual religions



Religion is an integral part of most people's lives.

But some teachings not only puzzle common sense, but also raise the question of whether their adherents really take their faith seriously.

Jainism is the care of the living

Followers of Jainism preach nepochinenieHarm to all living organisms. Jainas are not only vegetarians and do not wear leather and fur, but also try not to kill even insects. For this they always take a whisk to clear the path from the small living beings. Also, the Jains preach chastity and rejection of personal property. In this religion there are a lot of gods and divine essences that hover among people. In the case of pious behavior Jain joins them.

Jainism originated in India, in the 9-11 century BC.

The Raëlian Movement

This unusual teaching was founded by ClaudeThe Vorillon in the 1970s. Vorillon claimed to have had contact with a UFO. The aliens explained to him the meaning of the existence of people and declared Claude a prophet. The man took the name of Rael, which, he said, meant "savior" in the language of aliens. The essence of Raelianism was reduced to the achievement of sensual pleasure and the propagation of cloning, through which the Raelians sought to achieve immortality.

The Religion of Prince Philip

Prince Philip is the husband of Queen Elizabeth II,Now ruling in the UK. On a larger scale, his social activities always amounted to the accompaniment of a crowned wife. However, the inhabitants of the Pacific tribe yaonanen think differently. For more than half a century they believe that Philip is the son of the spirit of the mountain, the revered deity of the island. The natives worship the portraits of the prince and pray to him. This religion originated quite simply - Elizabeth and Philippe visited the islanders after the Second World War and brought a lot of food, clothing and hygiene items. Chet was perceived as a kind deity, descended from distant mountains.

Laboratory of Waves of Doomsday

This doctrine calls the cause of all misfortunesMobile phones and the spread of radio communications. Ironically, religion appeared in Japan - one of the most technologically advanced countries. Its author was Yuko Tino. She urged everyone to wear white clothes to avoid radio waves, and ride on white cars with protective screens. The culprits of the spread of electromagnetic waves are called communists, supposedly settled around the world after the collapse of the USSR.

Followers of the Laboratory of Waves of Doomsday drive through sparsely populated villages and measure the level of radio waves there to choose the safest place to live.

Shaker community

This teaching was put forward by Anna Lee, whoConsidered herself a female incarnation of Jesus Christ. Delighting grace, she saw in the trembling or shaking, which are manifested during prayer. Therefore, the basis of her teaching was a kind of religious dances while singing church hymns. Shakers lived in community communes, but carnal relations were not welcomed. Both sexes were considered equal, but at the top of the hierarchy of the commune were women.

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