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The most unusual of religion


Religion - is an integral part of most people's lives.

But some scientists are not only confound common sense, but also raise the question of whether their adherents are really serious about their faith.

Jainism - taking care of the living

Followers of Jainism advocate doing noharm to all living organisms. Jains, not only are vegetarians and do not wear leather and fur, but also try not to kill even insects. To this end, they always take a broom to clear a path in front of the small beings. Also Jains preach chastity and the renunciation of personal property. In this religion, many gods and divine beings, hovering among people. In the case of pious behavior Jain joins them.

Jainism originated in India in the 9-11 century BC.

Raelianskoe movement

This is an unusual teaching was founded by ClaudeVorilonom in the 1970s. Vorilon claimed to have had contact with UFOs. The aliens explained to him the meaning of human existence and declared Claude prophet. The man took the name Rael, which, he said, means "savior" to the alien language. The point was to achieve raelianstva sensual pleasure and the promotion of cloning through which raeliane sought to achieve immortality.

Prince Philip Religion

Prince Philip - a husband of Queen Elizabeth II,now ruling in the UK. By and large, it is always social activity was to support the crowned spouses. However, the inhabitants of the Pacific tribe yaonanen think differently. For more than half a century, they believe that Philip - the son of the spirit of the mountain, revered deity of the island. The natives worship the Prince of portraits and pray to him. It originated the religion is quite simple - Elizabeth and Philip visited the islanders after World War II and brought a lot of food, clothing and hygiene items. Chet was seen as good deities, came down from the distant mountains.

Laboratory of Wave Doomsday

This teaching is called the cause of all misfortunesmobile phones and distributed to radio communications. Oddly enough, there was a religion in Japan - one of the most technically advanced countries. Its author was the Yuko Tino. She urged all to wear white clothes, to avoid radio wave, and ride a white car with protective screens. The culprits of the propagation of electromagnetic waves are called communists, supposedly settled in the world after the collapse of the USSR.

Followers Labs Wave Doomsday go on sparsely populated villages and measure the levels of radio waves out there to choose the safest place to live.

Community shakers

This doctrine has been put forward by Anna Lee, whoShe considered herself a female incarnation of Jesus Christ. Condescension of grace she saw trembling or shaking, which manifest themselves in prayer. Therefore, the foundation of her teachings were a kind of religious dance by singing hymns. Shakers lived in communes, communities, however carnal relations were not welcome. Both sexes were considered equal, but at the top hierarchy of the commune were women.

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