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The most unusual lakes on Earth

The most unusual lakes on Earth

On our planet, there are so many truly wonderful places. Once in these places, do not believe that you are in the world.

They fascinate its grandeur and beauty.

Now I want to tell you about the most unusual lakes that must see every man with his own eyes.



In North America, there is a lake calledHamilton Pool. It is extremely similar to the other lakes, and all because it is both underground and above ground. Its underground part is under unusually huge stone vault. Ends touch in this picture is a waterfall, whose height is 15 meters. This place is striking not only for its uniqueness, but also incredible beauty. It blooms and smells literally every blade of grass and every flower. It is mesmerizing, like a fairy tale.


Morning Glory Pool is located in the USYellowstone National Park. Its strangeness is that it is very deep and for all that hot. As this source is behaving very unusually. He is calm, it boils and explodes like a geyser. In addition, the morning glory of the lake is constantly changing color. Very beautiful and amazing place.


About Russia, too, do not forget. We also have an unusual lake called empty. It is situated in Altai. By the way, the mystery of this lake is unknown to this day. Its name speaks for itself. The fact is that in the depths of this source is not any seaweed and no fish. No attempt to establish a life there was not crowned with success. Unpretentious fish do not survive, and algae simply rotted for a few days. This is in spite of the fact that the water is completely suitable for use in the lake and no toxic substances. I hope that this mystery will ever be solved. Although .. Maybe it does not need to. This is its true beauty.


Do you think the asphalt can only be createdby artificial means? And that's not true. The island called Trinidad has incredible lake, which did not get to swim. And all because it is produced asphalt. Yes, yes, Peach Lake - Lake is a natural source of asphalt. Which, by the way, even exported to England, America and China and used it for construction purposes.


In Sicily is the most poisonous lake in the world. It is called the Lake of Death. Of course, there is no living creatures and vegetation. This is not out of the question. The thing is that this source a huge amount of sulfuric acid. That it's the whole ruins.


In Indonesia, on the island of Flores can be seenthe famous lake called Kelimutu. These lakes, like the Morning Glory Pool can change its color. Just this lake involves a lot of legends and mysteries. One of the most famous - is that there inhabit the souls of dead people.


Loch - Ness is one of the mostmysterious lakes on the planet. And all this thanks to the mythical Loch Ness monster. There's a wide variety of routes, both hiking and cycling. It is a pity that no one has yet had the opportunity to consider the inhabitant of this source.
As you can see, the beautiful and mysterious places on the planet countless. Full list them all is impossible. Travel, after all in the world are so many interesting things! Good luck!

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