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The most unusual home furnishings

ITable - an unusual coffee table

Interior items - a fertile topic for design.

Some contemporary designers have come up with a lot to make us look at the most ordinary things in a different light.

ITable - an unusual coffee table

Subject trendy gadgets became popular andinterior designers items. Company Kyle Buckner Designs has created a coffee table that looks similar to the iPhone, called it a miracle of design ideas iTable. In addition, it is not only the original table, which will decorate the living room in the style of hi-tech, but also a kind of musical center. Spend on him hand and your favorite music will sound. The table is equipped with six speakers and a subwoofer, you can buy it on the Internet.

Update software and a collection of music files, you can also, as you do on your iPhone.

Extravagant bookcase

Metalcraft designer studio Alex Fiter (AlexFethiere) offers to store books and trinkets in an unusual cabinet, which is made of sinks. Price design locker is quite high, but lovers of unusual items for the interior may well make such a thing with his own hands. It is enough to put the washing each other, cook them together and make a firm foundation.

Extravagant bookcase sinks very well fit into the interior in the loft style.

Unusual designer beds

It is estimated that one-third of their lives we spend inbed, so why not make the center of attention, this piece of furniture. One of the most unusual designs is a bed, "floating in the air." Fastened to the wall structure, so create a feeling that the bed is actually floating in the air.
From the bed, called Hold Me Bed is simply impossible to fall. The mattress is made hole that completely follows the contours of your body, but also to turn over on the other flank you, too, is unlikely.

Funny details

In our world, with its furious pace should alwaysto know the exact time. Watches - a favorite theme for designers. Some of the unusual designer watches simply do not have numbers and you need to calculate the exact time. Remarkable clocks, which are not similar to any other called It's About Timeclock. They never show the exact time, just appears that now, for example, about twelve.
Most of the time this piece of furniturecovered with a coat or hat, but he is perhaps the first thing that people see when they come to your home - it's a hook or hanger. So why not make it fun and unusual? Hangers in the form of a huge pencil holders undoubtedly give the interior hallway of your extravagance.

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