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The most unusual city in the world


The modern man has a great opportunity to travel around the world.

Depending on your preferences, vacation can be spent at the beach, climbing to the top, or, for example, exploring the most unusual cities in the world.

Unique, unique, magnificent Italian city

The most extraordinary city in the world recognizedlegendary Venice. Consisting of 118 islands connected by 400-E bridges, it is completely resting on the water. However, can not be seen here shacks on high stilts. Before traveler stretched historical palaces, cathedrals huge, massive building.
Venice has never been wheeled transport, andin the early 16th century, the authorities imposed a ban on the use of horses. Getting around the city is solely on the water: by vaporetto or tragetto. "Journey" on the famous gondola can afford not everyone. Also in Venice can be explored on foot. However, to suddenly find yourself in a channel, be sure to stock up on a detailed map, and carefully walk around in the dark.
It should be noted that Venice is graduallysubmerged under water. International experts give a disappointing forecast: by 2028 the most unique city in the world could become uninhabitable. To save the unique architectural monuments, erected around the city gradually strengthen sealed. The project received the code name "Moses".

The amazing cities in the world

However unusual cities in the world somewhat greaterthan one. For example, the Venice competition can make Mexicaltitan. This city is also full on the water (on an island off the coast of Mexico). However, it is inferior to Venice and its beauty, and in size, and abundance. Unusual city has a diameter of about 400 meters, built small houses. When the streets of the island are hidden under the water, the entire population (800 people) moved to live on the boat.
Another unusual city is located in Bolivia. La Paz is spread in the crater of a dormant volcano. The city center is above sea level at an altitude of 3600 meters, the height of margins - 4000 meters. In addition to the unique location, La Paz differs original trade rows. For example, on the same street travelers will meet only sports shops, on the other - souvenir shops, on the third - beauty salons. The highlight of the city is the Witch market where you can buy all the necessary ingredients for a variety of drugs (from llama fetuses to the clutches of unknown origin).
Unusual cities in the world there are not onlyor water in the craters of former volcanoes, but also in the dangerous rocky areas. In Spain, there is a unique Setenil de las Bodegas, whose age is more than 800 years. All the houses are built in the city going into the cliffs, which makes the place special and very effective.
A second similar facility located in China,Shanxi Province. Buddhist monastery with a central temple Suankunsy literally floating in the air against the cliffs. The buildings of the temple "imprinted" complex in the mountain and are supported with pillars and beams.

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