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The most popular TV presenters

The most popular TV presenters

Russian poll on the popularity of TV presentersconducted by leading entertainment publications each year. In the ranking of the most popular stars, top TV shows, get known to all persons who are renowned for their wit and charm.

Who are these people?

Rating People's Choice

One of the leaders of the national televisionIt is Ivan Urgant, who leads several programs and does so very successfully. Not far behind him, and a popular favorite of Andrei Malakhov, retaining the love of viewers over the years. Beauty and the clever Tina Kandelaki does not hand over their positions, creating a program with brilliant interviews and converging in verbal swordplay with erudite students. Her eternal opponent is Ksenia Sobchak.

Some of Russian broadcasters are included in the list of the richest and most promising Russian people.

They love the audience and the undisputed leading newsEkaterina Andreeva - the beautiful brunette with a happy look, both women and men. The popularity of the "Miss Universe" Oksana Fedorova as a presenter is also difficult to underestimate - the girl is a real gem of Russian television. No less popular and TV blonde Lera Kudryavtseva, which successfully conducts various competitions and festivals. Behind the humor and the originality of the audience also like Dmitry Nagiyev, Sergei Svetlakova, Michael Galustyan and Paul Will, who are willing to work on Russian television TV presenters.

The richest Russian TV presenters

In the first place in the ranking of the richestRussian TV presenter Maxim Galkin is earning for the year of $ 6.2 million. This is followed by a multi-faceted Semen Slepakov that year received $ 3.5 million, also speaking as an actor, singer and co-producer. Third place belongs to the excellent Tina Kandelaki, which is, in addition to a career presenter is engaged in his own business, and shooting in advertising.

The greatest number of star presenters boasts the "First Channel", leading to their entertainment and social programs.

In fourth place is the broadcaster,singer, actor and businessman Ivan Urgant, earns in a year to 2.7 million dollars. He was "on the heels" with 2.4 million dollars comes scandalous leading Comedy Club and simply charming bully Paul Will, acted in films and advertising. Behind him intently follows his colleague Michael Galustyan Comedy Club, which has 1.9 million dollars per year over the shooting in comedies and action broadcaster. Seventh place is occupied by the TV presenter and socialite Ksenia Sobchak, with an income of 1.4 million dollars, while the mega Andrei Malakhov, oddly enough, at the end of the rating with 1.3 million dollars.

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