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THE MOST popular sports in Russia


The most popular sports in Russia</a>

Sport allows you to develop your personality harmoniously. The fact that the movement - this is life, said the ancient Greeks.

The policy of the Russian government is aimed at promoting mass sports, millions of Russians are keen on contests.

What disciplines are very popular?

Team Sports

Football, hockey, basketball can be called "bigTroika "of Russian team sports. From childhood to old age, thousands of Russians, with a single mention of the representative of this "trinity", light up their eyes. Volleyball is also popular in schools, especially popular in the summer on the beaches of our country.
Football is the leader in popularity not onlyIn Russia, but also in most European countries. After all, for amateur games do not need special conditions for the site, you can play at any time of the year, just have a soccer ball and collect an improvised gate. The success of the Russian team is impressive: the bronze medals of the European Championship in 2008, the final tournament in 2014. Clubs give cause for pride in the international arena. And in 2018 the World Cup will be held in Russia.

Single game views

Tennis enjoys a great love of fans,But the players themselves in tennis in the Russian Federation while a little. After all, tennis requires a lot of funding - construction of courts, relatively expensive equipment, maintenance staff (after all, courts should be taken care of). Nevertheless, Russia is famous for its dozens of famous tennis players (mostly female). Maria Sharapova, Dinara Safina and her brother Marat Safin became the first rackets in the world.
Boxing is a men's favorite sport, but forRussia is famous for its legendary champion Natalia Ragozina, nicknamed "sledge hammer". Champion Alexander Povetkin also promotes the popularization of boxing in our country. Fighting, karate, judo - are loved in Russia. Four-time champion Alexander Karelin built his own money for dozens of youth sports schools, geared toward Greco-Roman wrestling.

Harmony Sports

Athletics is the queen of sport. Competitions in athletics were conducted from time immemorial - even primitive people competed in projectile throwing, in speed of running and swimming. Running and jumping in length are favorite competitions of Russians from a school bench.
Gymnastics is very specialParents who give their children to sports clubs. Alina Kabaeva is an ideal for thousands of girls engaged in artistic gymnastics. And Alexey Nemov - for the guys, perfecting exercises on uneven bars in gymnastics sports.

Intellectual sports

Soviet Chess School in the middle of the 20th centuryWas considered the strongest in the world. For the world title, only the representatives of the USSR competed among themselves. Mikhail Botvinnik, Vasily Smyslov, Tigran Petrosyan, Boris Spassky, Anatoly Karpov, Garry Kasparov won one after another in prestigious international competitions and became world champions.
Russian checkers are a special game,64-cell field. The go - east game that has come to us from Japan is also gaining momentum. Federation of Russian and Russian drafts regularly organize tournaments, our compatriots achieve success in international forums.

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