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THE MOST popular social networks in Russia


The most popular social networks in Russia</a>

With the development of the Russian Internet, a large number of social networks have appeared, allowing users from all over the world to communicate among themselves right in the browser window.

Among all the sites can be identified several resources that are most popular due to competent marketing and functionality.

"In contact with"

The most popular social network in the territoryRussia is "VKontakte", the audience of which exceeds 50 million people, which is even comparable with the indicators of the most popular search engine in Russia "Yandex".

On this indicator, VKontakte is significantly ahead of other social networks.

The main audience of the resource is youth,Which uses the ability to download, view and listen to video and audio from virtually any user on the page. Also, the service is characterized by a large number of all kinds of communities and celebrity pages, where the latest news and publications are posted.
Through these communities, users can create all kinds of interest groups, read about the latest events, share photos and invite each other to various events.


"Classmates" today rank second in the Russian Internet. This social network has become one of the very first in Russia and is still very popular.

The resource is popular among middle-aged people.

A feature of the "Classmates" is the availabilityOwn currency, with which you can buy gifts, change interface elements and activate new account management functions. The drop in attendance of "Classmates" was caused by the growing popularity of "VKontakte". However, the social network managed to return part of the audience due to the transfer of the service to Mail.ru, a large company that provides a large number of services for Internet users.

Other social networks

Facebook - the social network that became the firstIn the world and is the most popular for today among users all over the world. However, it has not received such a distribution in Russia due to restrictions on the uploading of files and the exchange of video recordings that impose a resource. Also, some users note that Facebook has a somewhat overloaded interface, which makes it difficult to get used to and use the functions of the network.
Other popular social networks of steelSuch world-famous sites as Twitter, which allows you to share short records and incidents in life with other users, Livejournal, which allows to run a full-featured blog, and Google+, which at the moment has not yet gained wide popularity among users in Russia.

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