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The most popular profession in the near future

The most popular profession in the near future

Today, very quickly become obsolete and changed not only technology.

Often, the dynamic realities of the 21st century lead to the fact that go into oblivion, or come out of nowhere the whole profession.

What specialties can be particularly in demand in the near future?

The labor market of today and tomorrow

Perhaps the most acutely the question of the relevance of thea specialty is for high school graduates in the future. Still would! Quite often, after finishing high school, even at the time by the prestigious specialty revenues, a person is out of work, because his profession is not so in demand as before. So I think the graduates and their parents, where you can go to learn, not to stay in five-six years, "the broken trough" with useless "crust".
According to official statistics, at present,day, almost 40% of university graduates - managers, economists and lawyers. It is clear that the labor market just do not need so many lawyers and economists. Accordingly, the majority of these graduates eventually have to work in the field, far from what they have learned. Or simply be retrained.

Given the rapidly changing situation on the labor market, even for people with existing higher education and work experience often makes sense to think about the future and get additional specialty.

Until a few years ago it was the most relevantan economist and a sales manager. In any case, it is a job, employers often placed in their ads. According to the forecasts of most researchers, soon will be much more relevant scientists - biologists, chemists and ecologists and engineers.

Professions of the future

Today, according to research recruitment agencies,especially demand IT-specialists, engineers, technologists and financiers. Based on current trends, the experts also made a rating of the most popular occupations projected through the decade.
The first place in this rating areengineers, then IT-specialists and developers of computer hardware. In addition, the profession will be relevant in the field of nanotechnology specialists, electronics and biotechnology, marketing, after-sales service, logistics and ecology. Do not be left without work as doctors and chemists.

Some futurists predict and the emergence of many brand new professions. For example, kosmobotanik, artificial intelligence expert, information broker and so on.

But not easy to have to employmentspecialists of the social sphere, designers, brokers, distributors. Below will be the demand for web designers, instructors, diving, plastic surgeons, concert directors.

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