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The most popular people of Russia


Maria Sharapova</a>

Steady popularity is formed over the years,Certain achievements and the acquisition of a circle of fans. Fame assumes constant work on themselves, because a person becomes an example for many people.

Recently Forbes portal presented the rating of the most popular people in Russia.

Nuances: rules of arrangement

Forming a list of the most popular people is a matterUneasy. That's why the creators of Forbes openly demonstrate the positions with which help this or that person took a certain place. After all, the rating can not be made on the short-term preferences of the fans.

Stars-one-day, "casual passers-by" or suddenly rich people can not be included in such an elite list. As a rule, the most popular people of Russia win the audience's interest for years.

The main criteria for the selection were three positions: The attention of the media to the person, the person's interest in the Internet audience and, of course, the annual income level. The study involved artists, athletes, groups, writers, musicians, etc.
The interest of the media was calculated with the help of the agency"Medialogy": the number of articles and notes about a person in printed publications (newspapers, magazines, etc.) was taken into account. The Internet rating of popular people was calculated with the help of specialists of search service "Yandex". By income level is understood the amount of payments received by a person for his talent (the realization of author's products, performances, victories in competitions, etc.).

The most popular people in Russia

From the tenth to the sixth places inclusive inRanking of the most popular people in Russia are: Andrei Arshavin, Natalya Vodyanova, Nikolai Baskov, Ksenia Sobchak, Stas Mikhailov, respectively. And, as statistics show, the distribution of positions the amount of money earned was very weak. For example, Andrei Arshavin (10th line) with his $ 6.4m yielded to Xenia Sobchak (7th place), which accounted for "only $ 1.4m.
Much more influence on popularity was renderedSearch requests and media attention. Each celebrity sought such attention in its own way. For example, Natalia Vodyanova (9th line) actively advertised the activities of her charitable foundation, and also shared with fans in Twitter details of her personal life. But Stas Mikhailov, who came down from the first position to the sixth, on the contrary, reduced the social activity, which led to a noticeable drop in interest from the moans of the public.

An example of an excellent self-pianist all year roundShowed Nikolai Baskov, located on the 8th line. Numerous novels and provocative photographs with Anastasia Volochkova helped the artist to arouse audience interest.

On the fifth line of the rating was a seriousAthlete Alexander Ovechkin. Third place went to the inimitable Philip Kirkorov - a frequent visitor to the list of the most popular people in Russia. The pop-king Valery Gergiev, the famous conductor, earned about twice as much as the singer.
The second place in the list of the most popular gotGrigory Lepsu. According to "Yandex", the singer turned out to be the absolute leader of dozens: over the year his name was scored more than 6.5 million times. However, according to the earned money ($ 15 million), and by mention in the media, he is much inferior to the leader of the rating - Maria Sharapova, the famous tennis player. The incomes of the sportswoman amounted to $ 29 million, and in print media her name flashed almost 8,000 times against 1,400 mentions of Leps.

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