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The most popular people of Russia

Maria Sharapova

Enduring popularity is formed over the years,certain achievements and the acquisition of a circle of admirers. Popularity involves constant work on yourself, because a person becomes a kind of example for many people.

Recently portal Forbes presented a rating of Russia's most popular people.

Nuances: placement rules

Creating a list of the most popular people - businessdifficult. That's why Forbes creators openly show the position in which this or that person has taken a certain place. After all, the rating can not be in the immediate preferences of fans.

Star-day, "passers-by" or suddenly wealthy people can not be included in such an elite list. As a rule, the most popular people of Russia are gaining interest of the audience for years.

The main criteria for selection were three positions: media attention to the person, the person's interest online audience and, of course, the annual income level. The study involved actors, athletes, bands, writers, musicians and others.
Media interest was calculated with the help of the agency"Medialogia": take into account the number of articles and notes about the person in the print media (newspapers, magazines, etc.). Internet rating of popular individuals was calculated using "Yandex" search service professionals. Under the income refers to the amount of payments received by man for his talent (implementation of design products, performances, winning the competition, and so on.).

The most popular people in Russia

From the tenth to sixth place in the inclusiveranking of the most popular people of Russia have settled: Andrei Arshavin, Natalia Vodianova, Nikolay Baskov, Ksenia Sobchak, Stas Mikhailov, respectively. And, as the statistics show, the number of positions on the distribution of money earned very little influence. For example, Andrei Arshavin (10th line) with its $ 6.4 million noticeably conceded Ksenia Sobchak (7th place), on account of which fell "only" $ 1.4 million.
A much greater impact on the popularity hadSearches and media attention. Each celebrity sought this kind of attention in its own way. For example, Natalia Vodianova (9th line) actively promoted the activities of his charitable foundation, as well as shared with fans on Twitter details of his personal life. But Stas Mikhailov, descended from the first position to the sixth, on the contrary, decreased social activity, which led to a significant public interest moans fall.

Example samopiara excellent all yearHe showed Nikolay Baskov, located on the 8th line. Numerous novels and provocative photos from artist Anastasia helped arouse interest of the audience.

In the fifth line of the rating it turned out to be a seriousathlete Alexander Ovechkin. Third place went to the inimitable Philip Kirkorov - habitue list of the most popular Russian people. Ahead of the King of Pop, Valery Gergiev - famous conductor, who earned about twice as much of the singer.
Second place in the list of the most popular has gotGrigory Leps. In "Yandex" Requesting singer appeared undisputed leader scores: for the year his name was typed more than 6.5 million times. However, and earned money ($ 15 million), and mentions in the media, he is noticeably inferior to the leader of the ranking - Maria Sharapova, the famous tennis player. Revenues athletes were $ 29 million, and in the print media flashed her name almost 8,000 times against 1400 references Leps.

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