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Most popular news sites

Most popular news sites

a huge number of online media working in Russia, most of which are visited news sites.

They continually receive the latest information on all the latest developments in Russia and in the world - so what are the online publications are the most readable and popular?

In real time

The most popular news site considered BBCRussian - one of the world's most popular publications, providing a huge readership timely receipt of the latest information. In addition, the news site offers its readers the opportunity to conduct of forum chat, follow the news blogs and so on. Another popular news site in Russia - Lenta.ru, provides Internet users with the latest news in politics, science, sports, culture and technology.

All Russian news sites have their own correspondents in all parts of the world, so that they can quickly cover the most recent developments.

It does not lose its popularity and LifeNews. This news site spreads the news of Russia and other countries of the world, allowing your readers to keep abreast of what is happening. Love online users and the electronic version of the famous newspaper "Moskovsky komsolets» - «MK.ru», because this news site delivers the most events fairly and deployed. It is popular in Russia and St. Petersburg novostiyschik «Mr7.ru», which, in addition to the news, puts press releases, interviews with well-known personalities, accurate weather forecast and more.

News and Analysis

Another popular news and analysisRussia is a resource Pravda.ru - a site that covers political, economic, scientific, and other news, supplementing them with interesting photo and video. For residents of the CIS countries, the most popular news site is a Regnum, also lecturing world and Russian news. Recent developments in the world of politics news, sports, economy and science can be read on a news site "BBC News," where for the convenience of readers, video-news translated into text.

Most of today's news sites have released their version for mobile phones, so that readers have always been up to date.

One of the best news and analytical websitesGazeta.ru, Russia is considered to be providing its readers the most current news in text and multimedia format. Not far behind her and the oldest edition Kommersant.ru, electronic version which offers a variety of news categories and brightest pictures to them. And finally, the news that read almost all Internet users - Google News. This popular website covers all the latest developments in the world and Russia, as well as provides an opportunity to keep abreast of recent global trends.

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