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The most popular modern cartoons


The most popular modern cartoons</a>

Many people, not only children and adolescents, but adults, even the elderly, like to watch animated films.

Especially now, when computer technologies have advanced so far that cartoons are released and shown in 3D.

Modern cartoons are not just forFor a children's audience, they are interesting even for adults. The analysis of addictions, based on determining the cash collection fees in the first two weeks of rental (the version of Box Office Mojo) allowed to make a rating of the most popular and favorite cartoons of our time.

Hit parade of cartoons

A kind of rating of cartoons, released in the rental not so long ago, leads the cartoon "Monsters university".This animated film is, in its essence, the continuation of the cartoon "Monster Corporation." For the clarity of what is happening it is advisable to look at the first part of your favorite cartoon.

In the second picture, it's fun and easy to talk about the future adventures of the protagonists, Mike and Sally, who met while still students.

The second line of the top five is the picture "Cold heart". In the cartoon of the fairy kingdom onThe curse of the witch falls eternal winter. Everywhere the cold reigns, everything is covered with ice and impassable snows. The protagonists of the cartoon, princess Anna, Christophe and the reindeer, bravely embark on a quest for the sister of the heroine, Elsa. Only Princess Elsa can remove the curse. This work is interesting not so much for the plot, as for the quality animation and voice acting.

The third place is occupied by the cartoon "Turbo". The main character in the animated filmActs snail named Turbo. Despite its slowness, the appropriate environment and similar neighbors, the snail aims to take part in the races. At heart, Turbo dreams of becoming fast and elusive. The cartoon tells about the adventures, in which he finds himself on the way to his dream. An entertaining story with plot twists, typical of Hollywood movies, for a long time captures the viewer's attention.

Adventures of heroes and the teaching of the child

The next cartoon is called "Justin and the Knights of Valor". Already from the title it is obvious that we are talking aboutAdventures of the main characters. Justin wants to recover the lost magic sword that belonged to his grandfather, and challenges the villain. This is a quality animation picture with good graphics and curious scenic finds. The cartoon was born hard, the creators tell, because the character of the protagonist is not as simple as it might seem. Justin develops throughout the tape and shows a real personal formation, overcoming himself.

And closes the top five cartoon leaders under the name "Cloudy with a chance of rain: GMO Revenge". Funny cartoon tells about the adventures of the main character, Flint Lockwood, who is sent to a special task to combat dangerous hybrids, appearing on a separate island.

"Cloudy, possible precipitation: GMO Revenge" is an educational project, part of the national healthy nutrition program.

The cartoon is devoid of edification, but not appreciatedThe viewer can not simply return to nature and its gifts, because he empathizes with heroes, who, of course, win in the best traditions of the American plot.

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