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The most popular foreign payment systems

The most popular foreign payment systems

Electronic payment systems, of course,It is a convenient financial tool to quickly and easily resolve issues related to the various payment transactions. In Russia, the most famous and frequently used systems are the Yandex and WebMoney, which are not the leaders of the foreign market.

Popular foreign systems are organized on similar principles, but have their own characteristics and differences.

The most famous and popular foreign payment system

PayPal - the biggest operator in the worlde-currency. Very fast growing, working with 26 types of currencies, has a good security system. Russian users with PayPal can pay for services and shopping in online stores. The disadvantage of this system for users of the Russian Federation is that you can only withdraw money to accounts in US banks. In the future, it plans to use PayPal to pay interest to users for keeping funds in its accounts.

June 24, 2013 by PayPal accrued errora resident of the United States Chris Reynolds amount 92 233 730 368 547 800.0. Several hours elapsed before the error is resolved, Chris was richer than the richest man in the world more than a million times.

Less well-known

E-gold - foreign payment system, basedGold & Silver Reserve in 1996. The money provided by the system of precious metals, which allows not to tie user accounts to a particular currency. Conveniently enough, using this electronic system to make international purchases and payments, make payments of purchases on the Internet, to carry out almost any payments to the network. To update the account in E-gold is possible at exchange offices, accepting cash or perform a deposit of funds through other payment systems. Withdrawal of funds from the system can be by bank transfer, or exchange to another e-currency payment operator. Because of tightening control over users, sometimes there are problems with the system. Therefore, E-gold in recent years has lost its popularity.

Legally, e-gold is a receipt to place a specified number of gold deposited in the company's E-gold Ltd.

StormPay system was established in 2002,Payments are made through it in US dollars. As a StormPay account number in the email address. With this system, the interface can be paid for online shopping, as well as through any electronic currency exchange to transfer funds in WebMoney. It has the highest level of protection.
Moneybookers - electronic money system,providing the ability to deposit funds and withdraw money via e-mail. It allows you to transfer money to a bank or trade on electronic currency WebMoney. The Moneybookers payment charged to produced a very small fee (1% of the amount, but no more than 0.5 euro), thanks to the popularity of the system is growing rapidly.

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