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The most popular Christmas songs

The most popular Christmas songs

Music is able to magically affect the mood of people. Certain melodies can move back in time, get rid of depression, to settle in the soul a sense of celebration.

On the eve of the new year of the receivers usually sound the most popular Christmas melodies.

Popular foreign songs

Admire the Christmas songs can not get bored,so from year to year hits your favorite songs virtually unchanged. Very often in December and January you can hear a foreign song Jingle Bells. Simple melodic motif, familiar to many from his childhood, has become so well-known, familiar and loved, that he heard it on a subconscious level, you know - the holiday and New Year's holidays already at the door.
No less popular and famous song,previous New Year holiday, a composition Have a Holy Jolly Christmas. It sounds in the air all over the world and is in the list of the charts for many years.
Song Happy New Year by the famousgroup Abba is known even to people who do not speak English. Once the station starts broadcasting this wonderful melody in the air mereschatsya snowflakes and smell of frost, even if December was rainy and overcast.

Recognizable song Let it Snow - a wonderful melody to create a Christmas atmosphere.

On the tops Christmas charts overseaspresent composition of songs and We wish You a Merry Christmas, full of beautiful singer Enya. This song greeting with a beautiful Christmas holiday.

Popular songs in Russian

wonderful and famous - "Christmas Toys"Arcadia Horalova unique song that has received special popularity in the 80's of the 20th century. It creates a winter holiday mood. A "Disco-accident" with his hit single "New Year" encourages people around the world in an active and fun meeting the long-awaited holiday.

Pre-compose your own playlist of favorite and not so famous Christmas songs to the New Year holidays are not any problems with the kind of music play.

Popular folk songs

New Year's feast, which brings together a largenumber of relatives and friends under one roof, it is impossible to imagine without the abundance of food and wonderful songs. For Russian mentality is typical choral performance of favorite folk songs. Admire and timeless are songs such as "Oh, frost, frost", "Fiddler on the Roof" and "I asked Ash."

Popular children's songs and songs from the movies

New Year celebrations begin with the broadcastfavorite films commemorating the expectation or the magic of the night. Along with the show on television the famous paintings of the radios sounded musical compositions performed in them. A huge number of children and adults with a sincere pleasure to sing along with the song, "Three White Horses", "Tell Maiden" or "Song of a snowflake."
Kids in kindergarten with a familiar song: "The Forest Raised a Christmas Tree" and "Songs lesovichka".

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