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The most mysterious place on earth

The most mysterious place on earth

Incomprehensible, mysterious has always attracted man roused his interest and desire to find a solution.

On Earth, there are many places where people are still faced with the inexplicable, mysterious secrets.

Mystical phenomena of nature, gigantic structures or patterns of enormous size - it all still waiting for the precise scientific interpretation.

What place in the world can be attributed to the most mysterious?

Mysterious natural anomalies of the Earth

Some people have heard of the sinister BermudaTriangle, where completely disappeared and continue to disappear ships and even airplanes. Special mystique attached to the situation that many sailors and airmen, coming in touch with a call for help, claimed that they could not establish their origin, and even the ocean looks, not as usual. Thorough searches have not brought success.

Moreover, it was that disappeared without a trace and rescue workers!

Mysterious Triangle and today continuescollect "prey." On the nature of this phenomenon are many hypotheses have been suggested as a very plausible, and frankly fabulous. On the basis of hypotheses filmed.
Notoriety and enjoys Heizhu Valley - "Dell black bamboo", located in the south of China. There have repeatedly been cases of unexplained disappearances and air crashes.

The most recent case refers to 1976, when a group of foresters in the area disappeared.

Mystic, considered anomalous terrainalso Plutorana plateau, located in the north of Eastern Siberia, above the Arctic Circle. In oral tales, epics local people plateau is considered home to the evil god of Fire. Meteorologists who worked on the plateau, is often seen in the sky rotating concentric spirals which then disappeared without a trace.

Mysterious buildings, statues and figures

Small Pacific Easter Island becameknown around the world because of their Moai - giant statues. So far, about 400 statues have survived, originally there were many more. The largest of them is almost 10 meters high and weighs about 70 tons. Among the scientists are still being hotly debated, what purpose do these statues were made and how the islanders were able to move them from the quarry to the most remote parts of the island, and then another set vertically.
Equally famous is heated debateStonehenge - a gigantic circular structure of stone pillars and slabs, located approximately 130 kilometers from London. Hypotheses are many, but none of them has not yet been won.
Huge interest is the mysterious drawings and(Geoglyphs) in the Nazca desert in Peru. Giant images of different animals, as well as a lot of straight and curved lines still excite the minds of many people, causing them to reflect on the question: how, why and by whom it was created?

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