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The most fashionable resort in the world

Necker Island

Luxury resorts often organize these competitions in which one of them has the right to be the most expensive and fashionable, who will attract more international stars and earn a large sum for a season.

Today, the world's hundreds of expensive and luxury hotels, dozens of resorts, but there are those who for years held the palm.

Paradise Island Necker Island
To date, the first place among the mostpopular and expensive resorts in the world is the island of Necker Island, located in the Caribbean Sea. It belongs to a group of British Virgin Islands. Approximate cost of living in this stunning location is about 30 thousand dollars a night. The island belongs to one of the richest people in the world - British billionaire Richard Branson, who bought it in 1982.
Many rich people want to be happyspend a weekend or a vacation in a beautiful secluded location and enjoy the white sand beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters, enjoy deep sea fishing and the beauty of the local nature. In this heavenly place already visited a great number of stars (among visitors to the island was Princess Diana, Eddie Murphy, Harrison Ford) and other celebrities.
As can be seen on the island of Necker Island?
Visit the island of Necker wants to anyone who has everjust I heard of him or seen his photograph. Rest here - a true delight for tourists. Of course, there is no normal attractions in the form of monuments and museums, but at the same time, unspoiled wilderness, and the best service in the world allow to immerse themselves in the luxury of staying at this resort.
On the island 5 luxury villas built andmain house The Great House. Active tourists who do not like to bask on the beach, sunbathing, or visit the numerous spas, can diversify their leisure water sports, play billiards, tennis, visit the gym, swim in the boat on the high seas, and even fly around the island on the local helicopter.
It should be noted that the owner of the islandHe prefers to take full resort, not private rooms in the villas. Maximum occupancy is 28 people. Renting a villa or an island includes accommodation, meals, beverages, as well as all the local entertainment. For visitors with children are provided babysitting services.
By the way, the local cuisine chef deservesspecial attention. She won the award "Michelin". All dishes are prepared on the island only on request and can be delivered at any time in any place of the resort.
In words, it is impossible to describe the whole atmosphere of thisa heavenly place where the eye represents the endless waters of the Caribbean Sea, sandy beaches surrounded by coral reefs, magnificent forks with a wonderful romantic setting, beautiful birds and many fish. On this island you will plunge headlong into a paradise on earth!

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