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The most fashionable color of the interior in 2014

The most fashionable color of the interior in 2014

Color trends are updated every year, and this applies not only clothes, but also the interior.

The most fashionable color of the season determines only one company - Pantone - a recognized guru in the field of color.

Interior Trends 2014: fashionable color

The favorite of 2014, According to the designerPantone, the color became titled "Shining Orchid» (Radiant Orchid). The common people is the color purple. In the current season, he really took off at the peak of popularity.

Grape, eggplant, blueberry, Burgundy,blackberry, plum, fuchsia and other mouth-watering shades of purple series will give the room a touch of the mystical and add it to date. Interior designers are advised to use both cold and warm purple color scheme variations.

What combine violet

The most important thing is to combine the colors looked"Edible" as chewing marmalade or blackberry cream. To do this, combine the most fashionable color of 2014 with a glossy white or shades of pink marshmallow. A good option would be, and other neutral colors: smoky, brown, light blue.

The interior will be more in a neutral color, the better. This will be a purple color at the center of attention and do not argue with the other shades.

Do not write off the black. In a duet with purple he will create an elegant and dramatic atmosphere. This combination can be safely used in the kitchen interior. This will give her elegance.

Do not make out all the walls in the roompurple tone, but as a compositional center and color accents it looks quite nice. A great way to make a captivating purple in the interior - its use in textiles, accessories and fixtures. Of course, not all at once! Use it in those subjects and things that can be replaced if you suddenly tired of them as the active color.

If you meekly fell in love with the most fashionable color2014, you can use it in the interior and in large quantities. However, be sure to dilute it with muted colors to purple did not look overwhelming and monotonous.

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