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THE MOST known female perfume


The most famous female perfume</a>

Fashion is a whimsical lady. Each season, one trend follows another.

It seems that this process is endless, however there are things outside of time.

And in any era they will be relevant.

This expression is true when it comes to the most famous women's perfume.

Famous bestsellers

The most famous and recognizable fragranceModernity not so long ago celebrated its ninetieth birthday. In his honor, the fashion house Chanel even released handbags in the form of bottles in a black and transparent version, with which you can often see show business stars, style icons and ordinary women of fashion.
Women's perfume Chanel № 5 were created by orderCoco Chanel. She addressed this request to Mr. Bo, who was once the "nose" of the Russian royal court, and fled to Paris in the time of the revolution. For mademoiselle, he created 10 different compositions. In her opinion, the better one was option number 5 - and the name of the legendary spirits appeared.

The famous actress Marilyn Monroe said: "When I go to bed, I only wear Chanel No. 5

In turn, the emergence of cultic spiritsPoison was as loud as the appearance of the famous style new look, coined by Maestro Dior in the postwar years. The perfume was presented to the public in 1985. This is an incredibly sexy fragrance that shocked the public. Its creator was named Edward Flesher, Spicy, sensual, strong and very persistent perfume - an incredible essence, consisting of exotic flowers and paradise fruits. It is based on raspberry, cassia, black currant, tropical wood and amber. All this forms an organic symphony, loud, uncommon and passionate, like love itself.
No less famous is the fragrance 212 fromCarolina Herrera. It can easily be called the most popular aroma of modernity. It was established in 1997, and 212 is the telephone code of New York, a city that the whole soul loved the designer of the brand Carolina Herrera. In her opinion, 212 is a provocative, prestigious, bright, "thoroughbred", fresh and rich flavor. It consists of the most noble plants: sandalwood, musk, mandarin tree, bergamot, flowers of silk and orange, camellia, satin tree and flower, called "queen of the night".

Love for the East

Often the creation of genius masterpieces is connected withDesigners with an expression of love for a particular country. So, the legendary perfume from Guerlain Shalimar appeared in 1921, when Chanel No. 5 was created, but it was only four years later. Reception in honor of his inauguration took place during the World Exhibition in the Grand Palace in Paris. This classic oriental perfume was invented by Jacques Guerlain in the 20s of the last century, when Paris was literally embraced by fashion to the East and all the east.
Not less popular among customers was the oriental fragrance Opium from YSL. It was released by Yves Saint Laurent in 1977.
In it, the designer expressed his love for the East and the oriental understanding of femininity and sexuality.

Couturier did not accidentally prefer a provocativeA name for perfume. In France, spirits with such a high concentration of alcohol have never been produced, so the spirits left a long train behind them.

I must say that the perfumers managed to translate in the smell the passion and uniqueness of the Asian night.

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