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The most famous violinists


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They say that in order to become a good violinist, you need to devote about one hundred thousand hours.

Perhaps, it is, but many practice in this complex craft throughout life.

At one time the violin was called only as"The queen of the orchestra". Despite the apparent fragility and elegance of form, it hides enormous opportunities. Perhaps that's why the great violinists constantly improved in her game.

Founders of violin craftsmanship

Known violinist Nikolo Paganini still aliveBecame a genius of musical violin art. His father forced him to play the instrument literally to exhaustion. The glory of the virtuoso spread not only throughout Italy, but also across Europe. By the way, it was Paganini who possessed the precious collection of violins of Stradivarius and Guarneri. He also had a violin by Amati, the family of the oldest bow instruments masters.
Another great maestro is Antonio Vivaldi. He was not just a great composer, but also an unsurpassed violinist. He was born in Venice. His first teacher in the violin was his father. Already a well-known composer, conductor, violinist and, after all, a virtuoso, he was able to create a completely new musical form. It means a violin concert. And his famous work for violin and orchestra under the title "Seasons" has acquired literally incredible popularity.

Vivaldi was a clergyman and sometimes, at moments of inspiration, he could interrupt Mass to capture a new masterpiece on paper. Such a service of the maestro ended with the deprivation of dignity.

Great Soviet violinist

The famous Russian musician DavidOistrakh was only three and a half years old when his father brought home a toy violin. Young David imagined himself as a street musician. Actually this dream came true pretty quickly. The tour of Oistrakh as a concert soloist began when he was only sixteen. And in 1937, international fame began. It was then that a rumor spread all over the world about a certain world-class violinist. His most venerable colleagues gave him the palm tree of primacy.

Princess of the Pop violin

Now the princess of the variety violin is consideredVanessa May. It was this fragile girl who was able to teach the generation of the 90's to love classical music. Vanessa was born on the same day with Paganini, and for the first time she went on stage when she was nine. In 1991 she was able to record her debut record. At that time, she was only eleven years old.

Vanessa May Vanacorne Nicholson (such is her full name) is one of the world's most beautiful women.

This amazing bow instrument is a violin- still marching majestically all over the planet. In Russia and in the West, new contests are held every year, and new, young stars of violin skill appear for the joy of everyone.

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