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The most famous technological inventions of the 20th century

The first personal computer

It is believed that the 20th century - a time of technological progress.

These years are rich in famous discoveries by which the modern world is so easy to use and able to develop further.

The first controlled flight

In December of 1903 it was created the first controlledWright brothers airplane named "Flyer 1". It was not the first in the history of the plane, but its main feature was developed a new theory of flight "on the three axes of rotation." It is this theory allowed the aircraft further developed, focusing on scientists not install more powerful components, and on their performance. "Flyer 1" lasted for almost a minute in the air, flying with 260 meters.

A computer

Invention of the computer and the first fullprogramming language is assigned to the German engineer Konrad Zuse. The first fully functional computer was presented to the public in 1941 and had the name Z3. It should be noted that the Z3 has all the properties that are available for computers today.
After the war, the Z3, as well as the previous design, was destroyed. However, his successor, the Z4 survived, with whom, and began selling computers.

the Internet

Initially, the Internet was conceived by the Ministry ofUS Department of Defense as a reliable information channel in case war breaks out. To develop the first network was entrusted to several research centers, which in the end were able to create the first Arpanet server. Over time, the server began to grow, and connected to it more and more researchers to exchange information.
The first remote connection (at a distance of 640km) Failed to Charlie Klein and Billy Duvall. It happened in 1969 - it is this day is considered the birth of the Internet. After this operation, the sphere began to develop at great speed. In 1971, a program for sending e-mail has been developed, and in 1973 became an international network.

Space exploration

The stumbling block in the 20th century in relations between the United States and the Soviet Union was the development in space exploration. The first artificial satellite was launched by the Soviet Union 4 October 1957.
The first scientist who proposed the idea of ​​creatingrocket, traveling between planets, was Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. By 1903 he was able to design it. The main thing that was in his development, he created this formula is the speed of the aircraft, which is used to this day in the rocket.
The first device had been in space, becameV-2 rocket, which was launched in the summer of 1944. This event laid the foundation and to further accelerate the development, demonstrating the great potential of rockets.

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