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The most famous technical inventions of the 20th century


The first personal computer</a>

It is generally accepted that the 20th century is the time of technological progress.

It is these years that are rich in famous discoveries, thanks to which the modern world is so convenient and able to develop further.

The first controlled aircraft

In December 1903, the first managedAn airplane by the Wright brothers called "Flyer-1". It was not the first aircraft for history, but its main feature was a developed new theory of flight "on three axes of rotation." It was this theory that allowed the aircraft industry to develop further, emphasizing the attention of scientists not on the installation of more powerful parts, but on the effectiveness of their application. "Flyer-1" stayed in the air for almost a minute, flying at the same time 260 meters.

A computer

The invention of a computer and the first full-fledgedThe programming language is assigned to the German engineer Konrad Zuse. The first fully functional computer was introduced to the public in 1941 and was called Z3. It should be noted that the Z3 had all the features that computers have today.
After the war, Z3, as well as previous developments, was destroyed. However, his follower Z4 survived, from which computer sales began.

the Internet

Initially, the Internet was conceived by the MinistryDefense of the United States as a reliable channel for transmitting information in case a war breaks out. The first network was commissioned to several scientific centers, which eventually managed to create the first Arpanet server. Over time, the server began to grow, and more scientists joined it to exchange information.
The first remote connection (at a distance of 640Km) was managed by Charlie Kline and Billy Duvalli. It happened in 1969 - this day is considered the birthday of the Internet. After this operation, the sphere began to develop at a tremendous speed. In 1971, a program was developed to send e-mail, and in 1973 the network became international.

Space exploration

The stumbling block in the 20 century in the relationship between the US and the Soviet Union was the development of space exploration. The first artificial satellite was launched by the USSR on October 4, 1957.
The first scientist who put forward the idea of ​​creatingA rocket traveling between planets, was K. Tsiolkovsky. By 1903 he was able to design it. The main thing that was in his development was the speed formula he created, which is used to this day in rocket engineering.
The first vehicle to be in space was theThe V-2 rocket launched in the summer of 1944. It was this event that laid the foundation for further accelerated development, demonstrating the great capabilities of missiles.

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