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The most famous dog

The most famous dog

In a world in its history, there are many famous dogs, but the most recognizable considered purebred dogs Belka and Strelka.

This unusual pair of astronauts and space pioneers was the queen of, literally paving the way of mankind in outer space.

Historically known flight

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Belka and Strelka were the first in the history of animalsSpace, made orbital space flight aboard the "Sputnik-5" and returned to Earth unharmed. Ship with brave sobakonavtami was launched into space 19 August 1960 and made a total of seventeen turns around our planet.

The flight took only twenty-five hours, after which Belka and Strelka successfully landed at the spaceport.

The main goal of the experiment to launch into spacethe second space ship-satellite was a study of the effect of space flight on living biological organism. The project studied factors such as congestion, prolonged weightlessness, the transition from weightlessness to overloads and back, as well as the impact of cosmic radiation on plants and animals. In addition, the researchers conducted several medical and biological experiments and space research.

Tests of Belka and Strelka

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Before the flight, Belka and Strelka endured the mosta severe selection, during which experts selected applicants based on their age, gender, weight, height, color, and even charm. As a result, Belka and Strelka included in the project, where they were among the twelve participating dogs unique experiment. How real astronauts, animals bravely endured tough training session on the transfer overload, being in long-term isolation, receive special food and so on.

The first dogs astronauts were to become dog Seagull and Chanterelle, but their rocket exploded after nineteen seconds after the start.

After the tragedy of the Seagull and Chanterelle on the role of the firstBelka and Strelka - animals traveling in space, their backups were selected. A month after the approval of their nominations, both dogs flew on the second spacecraft 'Sputnik-5 "on the Earth's orbit, where they stayed for more than one day, having flown full seventeen times around the Earth. After completing its mission, Belka and Strelka successfully "tied up" and became a worldwide sensation, clearly proving that from space you can return safely. After the flight the dog underwent rehabilitation and quietly spent the rest of life, existing comfortably at the Institute of Aviation and Space Medicine. Due to data that scientists have received from their sensational mission was developed by the next flight, which was attended by a man - Yuri Gagarin.

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