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The most complex traffic issues

The most complex traffic issues

Before you start to take exams on the right, each person will have to learn the rules of the road, without the knowledge of which do not allow for the theoretical part of the exam, and behind the wheel of the car.

Problematic issues group

As in the study of any subject, there are more andless easy to learn the topic. The SDA and include right of way regulated and unregulated intersections, questions on technical vehicle devices, as well as the general requirements for the movement in different situations.
During training at a driving school instructorI will have to tell and explain, as well as parse disputes. But often this is not enough - a lot of you will have to just learn to solve the tests correctly. The most difficult issues are the tasks that you can not think logically. Guess yourself in them is almost impossible, if only guess. The second complexity are questions to answer that need to be taken into account many parameters of the road, for example, traffic lights, signs and markings.

What you need to know and how to remember

In total there are 40 tickets for 20 questions, sothat is to learn the 800 questions for those who are not taught the rules. Remember they are easy, because most of the illustrated, ie, triggered visual memory.
These issues, which should be easy to remember,include movement of a trailer and the requirements for it, meaning of signs, speed limits on different roads, signs marking, rules of travel crossings.
These groups of questions are not as frequently and atthe road, and the tickets because their memorization - the best way to answer correctly. Chances are when driving on the roads of Russia has the rights, you will not need. You will simply adapt to the traffic flow.
For learning to solve these issues, it is recommendedthere are at least 5 times, memorizing the answer. This method is considered to be even more effective than a constant rereading of the rules. The information in them, though, organized by topics, but remember it at the right time is more difficult.
On the road, you do not need all the rules, so thatnot necessarily know everything perfectly, something you can and forget with time. A separate topic for learning issues become rules of fines and liability provided for certain violations.
This is useful in the solution of tickets, and in life. Everyone at least once, but broke the rules on the road, if not their fault, because due to the maneuver of another traffic participant. This knowledge will be useful to you in contact with an accident or when stopped traffic police.

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