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The most common design mistakes

The most common design mistakes

If you it is important that the interior of your home was comfortable, strong and beautiful, then pay attention to possible mistakes to be avoided.



Sometimes so hard to keep from buying anotherAccessories - beautiful vases, figurines or table lamp. But over time, they become too many and they are beginning to clutter up even the biggest flat. In addition, an excess of small details creates a sense of chaos in the room. Review all the things and leave the most necessary. The interior will look refreshed, and the amount of free space will increase.


Do not make the whole apartment in the same style. It quickly goes out of style, and you have to redo everything soon. In addition, it limits your options - you can buy decorative elements of the interior is only suitable for the theme of the apartment. All this is quickly bored.


Fashion for the interior design is changing very rapidly. And attempts to gather in the same room all the design trends look ridiculous. Therefore, it will be much more impressive look classic interior, which is easy with the help of small decorative elements to make a fashionable and stylish.


Pillows are cozy and with their help, you can quicklyupgrade the style of any room, but they should not be too much. Two or three pieces on the sofa enough to create your own unique style.


Ordered by the store catalog furniture is beautifuland convenient, but it does not carry the impression of your personality. Create your personal space, experiment, combine, and create, because it is your unique perspective on how to be your home.

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