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What are the dangers pyramid MMM

The dangerous pyramid MMM

Why like mushrooms every seasongrow more and more financial crises? Why are they the most significantly hit precisely the countries with a developed banking system where banks are trying to make a profit out of the air?

Why China produces, for example, does not suffer from these crises, but on the contrary, adds its GDP?

That something substantive, material appeared,it is something we must produce. And so there is a difference between the concepts: "I have something something", and "I have the money on something." In the second case you can have any number of a lot of money and did not get the desired, if it is not produced. Or it is not enough for anyone who has the money.

The excess of the total amount of money over the total value of manufactured goods - this is a known situation, which implies inflation. The opposite situation is the economic crisis.

Money is a commodity like everythingOther. They produce, sell, however, they still remain a symbol of wealth, but not wealth itself. However, the laws of a surplus or shortage of goods apply to banknotes. Moreover, their performance in the accounts.

How does this happen? Recall the well-known advertising "money should work!" Is a true statement. Money, embodying a certain share of capital funds invested in production in the form of investments and stimulate it. Then, they return with honestly earned interest, which is also justified because embody is now produced. That is, ideally, should grow up bank accounts.

Regarding pyramid MMM and, in particular, herea large number of people engaged in activities, but not production. Comparison of the pyramids with the so-called mutual-aid funds correctly. The OHR people simply folded money, and they are in full back in a certain order to depositors. Do not increment in size, but not decreasing. Here there are huge associated costs to pay for full-time employees and a provincial pyramid, to cover court costs. On a powerful multi-million dollar advertising finally. What is the meaning attached to this background pensioner of 10 000 rubles? One rented a billboard in the city is ten times more expensive.

It turns out that people voluntarily carry theirhard earned as rents in the pyramid to feed the "master" in the hope that will be the right time around when the "master" will scatter the promised bonuses. However, all is not enough to return, even what they have invested. Everyone knows! However, hoping that someone else will come after, are not thinking about the cynicism of their actions.

In addition to general moral damage causedpyramids society, people have brought a taste for freebies and disregard for the interests of neighboring ( "I have time, and then the grass does not grow"), each depositor is banal substitutes. The pyramid may collapse at once. And be sure to collapse!

And when this happens, the so-called "deceived investors" in the lobby of the State Duma of the law on the allocation of amounts from the state budget to cover their losses. Of our total budget of all Russians.

To prevent this vicious practice, manyregions - the subjects of the Russian Federation - have already adopted laws prohibiting the activity of financial pyramids in its territory. Not far off is the day when this law is adopted and the State Duma of the Russian Federation. This means that for its initiatives in the pursuit of the fabulously rapid enrichment will meet only the depositors of the pyramid.

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