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It seems that with the advent of social networks there is only one danger - shirking work, when employees are chronically can not "get out of VKontakte".

However, this is not quite true.

Potentially social networks can hurt much more.

If you are actively using social networks, theWe have been exposed to various dangers of the fashionable "toys". For a beginner like web can seem a paradise, that in fact is not. That such people should know about the main dangers "sotsialok" to assess their strength and capabilities acquaintance with them.

Do not go, children, walk to the Internet

First of all, it was pointed out earlier,social networks "steal" a lot of productive time. Another picture, another anecdote, another interesting quote ... and people understand that time is coming to an end, but made very little. And catch up with it no longer happens tomorrow, as all the same social network caught in their "network."

The main danger of social networking - dependence on them, invisible but relentless.

Furthermore, with a loss of time and haveanother danger - a quick thrill. Man is so programmed that he needed to achieve happiness to make some efforts. Go to the shops to buy sweets, to build a house to live happily with his family, spend years at the institute to become a highly qualified specialist.
In social networks, it is not so. With minimal effort on your part, most of your new video, audio, pictures, quotes. And that quick buzz becomes a habit that leads to the devaluation of the information received. Previously, many people read only the jokes on the last page of the real newspaper, the internet everything has become faster, easier and ... impairment.
And there is a new danger - reductionhuman emotional reaction to what is happening. The brain and the body as a whole user become accustomed to live in a constant state of pleasure, which causes a certain resistance (addictive) and less excites the mood. We need more and more stimuli to have fun, but for those new hours spent on the network.
physical, too, there is a danger, and it is obviousfor any reasonable person. Hypodynamy, congestion, diseases different to the first and second background. Nothing good. And the most "pleasant", that all of these are ....


The danger of social networking in the fact thatmany unscrupulous people are trying to cash in on you. Ways to "pull the coin" very much. This widespread calls to raise money for the treatment of a small child. And the promise of fabulous riches to participate in another affiliate program. And an offer to buy "from the horn of a unicorn the elixir of immortality."

In social networks, the chance to meet a cheater at times higher than in real life.

And against the background of total dependence "quick high" and the constant striving for klikkingu - it works.

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