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As a moral of the fairy tale "Ugly Duckling"


What is the moral of the fairy tale "Ugly Duckling"</a>

In the fairy tale "Ugly Duckling", which he wroteDane Hans Christian Andersen, is told about an unfortunate chick, who was poisoned by other ducks - the inhabitants of the bird's court, for the fact that he was completely different from them.

They considered him ugly, ugly.

Unable to withstand the humiliation, the duckling ran away and for a long timeWandered, carrying need and danger. The next spring, he noticed the beautiful birds on the lake, swam to them and suddenly saw in the water that he himself became such a beautiful bird - a swan.

The former "ugly duckling" was adopted into a swan flock.

What is the moral of the fairy tale "Ugly Duckling"

The main sense of Andersen's tale is thatWe must persistently and patiently endure difficulties and adversity. An unhappy duckling (who in fact was a swan) had to endure a series of cruel tests at the very beginning of his life. He was teased and harassed by rude relatives. He turned his own mother-duck, fearing public opinion. Then, when he fled the bird's yard and made friends with the wild geese, these geese were killed by hunters, and the duckling itself was saved only by a miracle. After this unfortunate duckling, the old woman picked it up and brought it to her house. But its inhabitants - a cat and a chicken - laughed at the new tenant and unceremoniously taught "wit-reason". The duckling had to leave the old woman's house, he spent the winter in the reeds near the lake, where he met beautiful swans next spring. And the fairy tale ended in a happy ending.
The moral of this tale is that life canGive a lot of hard tests, but we must not lose heart and do not give up. After all, the duckling-swan was very difficult, but he survived and eventually became happy.

Similarly, a person who does not bow before fate, in the end can triumph victory.

Because of what the troubles of a duckling generally began

The moral of the tale is also that it is not necessaryBe afraid to be unlike others. The duckling was different from other ducklings. That is, was not like everyone else. And so he began to tease and poison ducks. Why was he scolded and unceremoniously taught by a cat and a chicken? Because he did not behave as he should. That is, again was not like everyone else! The duckling had a choice: either to accept the fact that one can not differ from others by appearance, behavior, habits, or behave in accordance with the principle: "Yes, I am different, but I have the right to do it!" And he did this Choice, not being frightened of what will incur misunderstanding, abuse and even harassment.

A person should also defend the right to be oneself, even if for this one has to go against the public opinion.

Some connoisseurs of Andersen's creativity believe,That in the image of an ugly duckling the author of the fairy tale depicted just himself. After all Andersen also had to endure a lot of ridicule, misunderstanding and unceremonious teachings from the surrounding people before he became a famous writer, and his appearance was very different from that of the "average" Dane. Never drop your hands, fight for your happiness, despite all obstacles.

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