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MAXIMUM speed of losing weight: what is the danger?


The maximum speed of losing weight: what is the danger?</a>

Many people who want to lose weight want an immediate result. They believe that it is possible to lose 1 kg per day and think that it will be safe for their body.

However, while starving and sitting on hard diets, you can face serious problems.

Physiology of weight loss

The human body, like all the particles of the world onPlanet Earth, obeys the laws of physics, and in particular the law of conservation of energy. That is, ideally, he wants to consume as much energy with food as he spends during the day. In order to lose extra pounds, you must stop feeding them. That is, you need to expend much more energy than using it.

How to quickly lose fat without harm to beauty. Is it possible to?

Specialists have established that the maximumThe amount of fat that can be lost in a day of total starvation is only 200 g. And the rest of the weight that a person loses is water and muscle mass. As a result, the goal of losing weight - to become more beautiful and slimmer, is not achieved. Similarly, there are phyto-tea for weight loss and dietary supplements. They simply remove excess fluid from the body and can lead to its dehydration.
Quickly lose fat without harm to the appearanceUsually fails, since the body weight of a person increases with the years. And sharp weight loss leads first of all to the sagging of the skin. The skin can not cope with the rapid loss of body volume. And then you have to turn to the help of cosmetologists to get rid of excesses.
Therefore, it is recommended to lose weight gradually - 1 kgPer month, on complex diets. After a diet, you need to increase the calories also gradually, so that there is no return to the previous weight. Help effective weight loss exercises special gymnastics: pilates, body flex. Weight loss is slow, but true.

Urgent losing weight harms health

Some people dream of immediately losing weight to someImportant event. They begin to starve or sit on a tight diet. This, of course, can give a visible and quick result. But it, as a rule, happens short-lived. Since the body after the stress caused to it can gain more kilograms than it had before the diet.
A person needs a certain number ofThe number of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, as well as vitamins and minerals. A hard mono-diet usually consists of one or two products. They impoverish the diet of those who lose weight to such an extent that they often lead to a breakdown in the endocrine system. A complete starvation in general is dangerous to conduct without the supervision of a nutritionist. Cases of deaths are known after illiterate emergence from hunger. Not harmless and a sharp exit from any diet.
The most effective way to lose weight - it's not evenCompliance with the diet, but simply a restriction on the amount of food eaten. Is preferably in small portions, but more often. Thus the stomach will contract. And in the future he will need much less food to saturate. Lose weight quickly - fraught with consequences, which can be difficult to get rid of.

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