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MAXIMUM speed weight loss: what is the danger?

Maximum speed of weight loss: what is the danger?

Many people who want to lose weight, they want immediate results. They believe that it is possible to lose 1 kg per day, and think that it will be safe for their body.

However, fasting and sitting on a strict diet, you can face serious problems.

Physiology of weight loss

The human body, like all of the particles in the worldEarth follows the laws of physics, and in particular the law of conservation of energy. That is, ideally, it tends to use as much energy with food and spends much during the day. In order to lose the extra weight you need to stop to feed them. That is, it is necessary to spend a lot more energy than it consumed.

How to quickly lose fat without damage to the beauty. Is it possible to?

Scientists believe that the maximumthe amount of fat that you can lose a day of complete fasting, it is just 200 grams and the remaining weight that people lose is water and muscle mass. As a result of slimming goal - to become more beautiful and more slender, is not achieved. Similarly, there are herbal teas and dietary supplements for weight loss. They simply withdrawn excess fluid from the body and may lead to dehydration.
Quickly lose fat without damage to the appearanceusually not possible, as the body mass increases with age. And dramatic weight loss results primarily to the sagging of the skin. The skin can not cope with the rapid loss of body volume. And then we have to resort to the help of beauticians, to get rid of the excess.
Therefore, it is recommended to lose weight gradually - 1 kga month, on complex diets. After the diet is necessary to increase the calories also gradually, so as not to roll back to the previous weight. Assist effective weight loss exercises special exercises: Pilates, body flex. Losing weight while going slowly but surely.

Immediate weight loss is harmful to health

Some dream to lose weight immediately to someimportant event. They begin to starve or sit on a rigid diet. This, of course, can give visible and quick results. But he tends to be short-lived. Since the body after stress caused to him can get more kilos than he had before the diet.
A person is required on a daily basis a certainamounts of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins and minerals. A mono-rigid diets usually consist of one or two products. They impoverish slimming diet to the extent that often lead to failure in the endocrine system. A starvation general is dangerous to carry out without the supervision of a nutritionist. There have been cases of deaths after the illiterate out of hunger. Not harmless and a sharp exit from any diet.
The most effective way to lose weight - it's not evendiet, but just limit the amount of food eaten. There is desirable in small portions, but more often. Thus, the stomach will be reduced. And for the future will require much less food for saturation. Lose weight quickly - is fraught with consequences, from which it is difficult to get rid of.

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