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Basic symptoms of appendicitis

The main symptoms of appendicitis

The symptoms of appendicitis are varied, they can be expressed in greater or lesser degree.

It all depends on a person's age, anatomical changes in the appendix, and the time that has passed since the onset of the disease.

The main symptom of appendicitis is pain,wearing varied. It can occur suddenly occur in the navel, lower back, in the right lower abdomen and the epigastric region. Pain in the majority of cases there is an acute, sometimes pulling and cramping. Amplifies it by coughing and tension anterior abdominal wall while walking and lifting. There are discomfort mainly in the morning and late afternoon.

Common symptoms of appendicitis

Lack of appetite, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting- All this is the most common causes of appendicitis. Often they are accompanied by painful and frequent urination. This arises from the fact that the disease progresses. Inflammation began to migrate to the bladder and ureter.
In order to reduce pain cantake an antispasmodic medication. However, you can not drink more than 2 tablets. Valid only a single use. It is impossible to reduce the pain to do a cold compress on your stomach and use heating pads. All this will only lead to increased inflammation.
Increasing weakness and malaise - it alsosymptoms of appendicitis. They say patients when severe inflammation observed in the appendix. Along with these symptoms may be present high fever with chills. As a rule, bring down its conventional medicine fails.

Incorrect gait is also a symptomappendicitis. Patients walking bent to the right side, and hand are holding the stomach, thereby protecting it from shocks and reducing pain. With a deep breath, they note a sharp pain in the suprapubic region, which are of short duration.
Change the color of the skin - this is anotherthe main symptom of appendicitis. In addition, the patient may experience weak pulse and low blood pressure. When you click on your stomach with your finger there is localized tenderness, and muscles tense up strongly.

What should I do to find at the symptoms?

Detected in one or more symptomsappendicitis, as soon as possible consult a physician. You must pass a thorough examination in order to confirm the presence of such a disease. On the basis of the results it will be clear whether surgery is required, or the reason lies not in the presence of appendicitis, but in something else.

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