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The main problems in the behavior of children

The main problems in the behavior of children</a>

In the life of any family there comes a time when children begin to be rude and capricious. They do not obey, do not eat and do not talk with their parents.

Parents expect such behavior and do onlyOne - severely punished. Sometimes caprices indicate that another development crisis has begun, but in most cases they are the result of incorrect education.

There are three most important problems that parents may face.



Passivity, anxiety and modesty. Passive children grow up with guardian parents. They are sure that they are clumsy, they are not capable and stupid. They are afraid of any active activities and experience difficulty with self-expression, as a result of which they become outcasts of the class. What to do? To write the child in circles on interests and, at the same time, not to force him to do something forcibly.


Whims and pointless questions. The child is full of toys, but he does not want to play with them, but instead he starts asking questions to parents who are already tired. He can also pull them, distract them and not obey them. In general, do everything that would attract the attention of parents. The reason for this behavior is, of course, in the lack of attention. Try at least an hour a day to play with the baby. Talk with him about his problems and affairs, share with him about his impressions, read fairy tales. Remember - the more attention your child receives, the less likely his whims.


Aggression and pathological lies. This behavior usually occurs in children with parents-guardians. Such children constantly develop the feeling that they are necessary only when they win, and that is why they cope with it through rivalry, physical strength and aggression. Parents are best to give the baby as much attention as possible, and, of course, reduce the bar of their demands for it.

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