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The main problems in the behavior of children

The main problems in the behavior of children

In the life of every family there comes a time when children begin to be rude and capricious. They do not listen, do not eat and do not talk with their parents.

Parents expect such behavior, and make onlyone - severely punished. Sometimes whims suggest that began the next crisis is in development, but in most cases they are the result of improper upbringing.

There are three most important issues that parents may face.



Passivity, anxiety and modesty. Passive children grow up in the parents-guardians. They believe that they are clumsy, nothing on earth can and stupid. They are afraid of any active action, and have difficulty with self-expression, as a result are marginalized class. What to do? Record the child in hobby groups and, at the same time, do not force him to do something by force.


The vagaries and meaningless questions. The child is full of toys, but he does not want them to play, but instead he starts asking questions already tired parents. It can also pull them to distract and not to obey them. In general, do everything that would attract the attention of parents. The reason for this behavior lies, of course, a lack of attention. Try at least an hour a day to play with the baby. Talk to him about his problems and affairs, share with them about their experiences, read him stories. Remember - the more attention your child will get, the less likely its whims.


Aggression and pathological lying. This behavior usually occurs in children with parents-guardians. These children are constantly growing feeling that they are needed only when they win, and that is why they are coping with it by means of competition, physical strength and aggression. Parents are best given to the baby as much attention as possible and, of course, lower the bar of their claims to him.

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