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Basic aspects when choosing a shaver

The main aspects when choosing a shaver

With the current range of electric shavers it is very difficult to understand what is still to choose.

Let's look at the main options to decide what suits us more.

The first thing will have to be defined, so this is some type of razor buy: rotary or mesh.

Razor mesh is more suitable for shortbristles. Rotary Shaver is more suitable for long bristles. So that those who need to shave every day, more suitable rotary shaver. Those who do not mind two or three day stubble, it is better to pay attention to the mesh razor. Also rotary razor more irritable to sensitive skin.

Once we have decided on the type of razor, defined with a few more moments.

If your shaving basically going homebathroom before the mirror, then you can go electric shaver, which works only on a network. Of course, the range of such a razor is very limited, but then you can save a little money. If you like to travel or often go on business trips, then do not do without the razor with a battery.

Modern razor as the grid and the rotor,They can be equipped with a trimmer. In my opinion, trimmer - is an indispensable thing. Razor without trimmer is not complete. Therefore, I believe that this is not worth saving.

Another necessary thing to consider electric shavers charging indicator / Razor discharge.

Here, perhaps, and all the basic parameters for electric shavers. All the rest is not so important and not so important.

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