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KITCHEN in red and white color


If you refer yourself to fans of creativeDesign, then try to fit in the interior of the kitchen red and white. These two colors coexist together in laconic styles of minimalism and hi-tech, and in the liberated styles of avant-garde and retro.

The most important thing is to choose the right forms, to keep a balance between icy white and hot red.

First determine which color will be dominant. Background color sets the room tone, creating a mood in the kitchen. Balanced white or emotional red - decide for yourself.

Most often on the red-white kitchen the dominantColor is chosen white, because it is calmer, therefore, will create an atmosphere that will facilitate rest. The originals select the red color as the background.

In addition to personal preferences, choose proportionsColors, based on the dimensions of the room. For a small kitchen, of course, it is better to choose white as a background color. A white kitchen with an apron or a red top will look very impressive.

To create a pleasant home environment, reduce the contrast in the kitchen in red and white to a minimum - for this use warm shades of white paired with muted tones of red.

If you are lucky, and you have enough kitchenBig, then you can realize the most daring ideas. You can choose a background with a bold red color, without forgetting about accent details of white color. Just choose the shade of red carefully. It is better to use soft colors - crimson, coral, red-brick, then from staying in the kitchen you will get the maximum pleasure. But from the screaming acidic shades of red refuse - they do not contribute to rest.

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