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The interpretation of dreams in psychoanalysis

The interpretation of dreams in psychoanalysis

In matters of interpretation of dreams people oftengo to extremes: some believe that dreams do not mean anything, and pay attention to them is not necessary, while others are constantly checked against the Dream book.

Psychologists reject both options and offer their ways of interpreting dreams.

Fundamentals of dream interpretation

The most important rule that must be consideredthe analysis of nocturnal dreams and finding the key to unlocking them, says that interpretation is possible only if it involves the person himself, the dreamer. The fact that different people have different associations and perceptions of objects and phenomena. It's one thing if the dream of a spider or insect specialist seller of exotic products in the pet store, and quite another if the same will happen with arachnophobia.

Some people may even through psychoanalysiscreate your personal dream books, as already know how to interpret certain things and phenomena in their own dream. This is a very effective method for clues.

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It is important to consider the emotions that peopleexperiences in a dream. The dream book the dog can be treated as a friend, but if you saw a huge dog and afraid of it or even experienced in a nightmare attack the animal, it is unlikely we really are talking about someone else. Rather, your subconscious signals the overwhelming fear of negative emotions, toxic life. This is especially important to consider if the dream is repeated again and again. Are important and positive emotions, because they can reflect your desires, even carefully hidden.

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The Interpretation of Dreams in the psychological aspect,must have a therapeutic effect and help the man and not to harm him. Especially undesirable the most "obvious" interpretation of nightmares. If a man dreamed of his own death, it does not mean that he is seriously ill and will soon die. If the girl had a dream that she had come to work naked, it does not mean that it slag, prone to public indecency. Better not to interpret dreams than to do it this way.

In the dream consciousness turns realityinside out and often uses the most unexpected images to convey to the man some thought. Do not forget about this when dealing with illogical, confusing dreams.

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After gathering all the emotions and associations that causethe dream itself and objects, people, animals, the phenomena in it, you can begin to interpret. Typically, psychologists carry it on two levels - subjective and objective.

In the first case, the brightest moments of sleep interpretas part of the man himself. For example, if you dream about a friend who you have not seen, perhaps, some of his character traits or habits manifested in you, or for you to become meaningful memories associated with that person.

In the second case this can be regarded as a dreamas a sign that you were familiar with the unfinished business, and the subconscious dictates that they should do. Also, this may mean a signal that it's time to figure out the relationship with the person.

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