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INTERIOR in mint color


Interior in mint color</a>

For some reason, many mint colors are confused with the color of foliage of real mint. However, everything is much more complicated, this is due to how people perceive the world around them.

Everyone knows that mint refreshes well.

Therefore, the home interior in mint colors can give an unusual feeling of coolness.

Designers believe that such an interior shouldConsist of cold shades of light green color, a little diluted with blue. Too bright green colors can not be called minty, but pung, aquamarine, cold pastel, slightly burnt and washed out tones are pretty variations of mint color.

The main feature of mint color - it is notAnnoying. Mint colors are perfectly combined with related tones - turquoise, green, coniferous, emerald. That's just the mint color ceases to be perceived next to the bright colors, dissolving in the atmosphere. It is desirable to use mint shades on surfaces without gloss, sufficiently smooth.

Mint is often associated with spring, youth,Freshness. The walls, painted in these colors, will be given a cool in hot weather. Therefore, it is often used in kindergartens, hospitals, rest rooms, sanatoriums. It has a calming effect on the psyche, softening the nervous atmosphere. In addition, mint color is considered natural, it is used to the human eye.

Children's room such a situation will makeSoothing and fresh, the bedroom - more feminine. Interior in mint color is suitable for those who are close to the style of vintage, provence, shebbie-chic (shabby chic). So with the help of this color you can create "shabby luxury".

Mint shades at first glance may seemCool, but they can make the room very spacious and comfortable. In the interior of the kitchen mint color can be used with fruit tones. So you can also decorate the kitchen in a mint color if desired.

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