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INTERIOR in mint color

Interior in mint color

For some reason many mint color color confused with real mint leaves. However, everything is much more complicated, it is connected with the way people perceive the world around us.

Everyone knows that the mint is very refreshing.

Therefore, home interior in shades of mint is able to give an extraordinary feeling of coolness.

Designers believe that such an interior mustconsist of cold shades of light green color, a little diluted blue. Too bright green paint can not be called a mint, but Pang, aquamarine, cool pastel, slightly faded and washed out colors are nice variations in the color of mint.

The main feature of mint color - it does notannoying. Mint paint perfectly with related shades - turquoise, green, pine, emerald. Here are just a minty color ceases to be seen next to the bright colors, dissolving in the atmosphere. It is desirable to use peppermint shades on surfaces with no shine, quite smooth.

Often mint associated with spring, youth,freshness. The walls, painted in the colors, in hot weather will give cool. Therefore, it is often used in kindergartens, hospitals, recreation rooms, spas. It has a calming effect on the psyche, alleviating nervous atmosphere. In addition, mint is considered a natural color, it is familiar to the human eye.

Children's room will make such a situationsoothing and fresh, bedroom - more feminine. Interior in mint color for those who are close to vintage style, Provence, Shabby chic (shabby chic). So with the help of color can create a "shabby splendor."

Mint shades at first glance may seemcool, but they can make the room very spacious and comfortable. The interior of the kitchen mint color can be used with fruit tones. So the kitchen and can be optionally properly formalized in mint color.

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