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INTERIOR Mediterranean style

interior Mediterranean style

Mediterranean style embodies the culture of Mediterranean life. As it is characteristic manifests architecture, painting, everyday life in the region.

Special impact - Greece and Italy. In it blends spacious room and elegant decorations.

This style is suitable for old buildings or new home, where the windows face south.

What are the features of this style?
•; The furniture should be wooden and exclusivelyhandmade, slightly squat. She can currently be combined iron support, natural fabrics. Or may be the chairs of hand-woven cane or reed.
•; you can see the ceramic ware, which serves as an element of decor on the open shelves.
•; The walls are most likely to be out of the rough plaster and ceramic tiles, flooring tiles or wood.
•; no curtains on the windows. Use blinds made of natural materials, as well as shutters.
•; It can be seen lace products: wipes, cushion pillows or pillowcases, tablecloths.
•; Of accessories, you can see the hand-painted vases, various figurines, shells, or shells.
•; Colours can range from cold (the Greek area) and to the warm shades (Italian).
As can be seen entering the house with the interior Mediterranean style?
In this house a lot of space, only the necessary furniture. On the floor there are no coatings, laid out with terracotta tiles. The floor and walls are white.
In the living room you can see in the center of a largewooden table handmade, exquisite chairs around it of the same material. A comfortable sofa combines wood and linen upholstery. Her sight has a fireplace, visible brickwork. In the evenings here can meet a lot of guests over a cup of tea.
In the bedroom, all to equip to minimalism: bed, table, wardrobe, sustained tone. Colours can be different: from the cold colors - blue, white, yellow to warm - solar, cream, green, olive. The room - bed linen, bedspreads. There is always cool and spacious.
The bathroom can be seen in full in facingtile. Gender dark shades, wall or azure blue. Shelves and cabinets, mounted on the wall. There a lot of space, more illuminated bathtub, sink and mirror.
The kitchen walls painted rough plaster,the sink is lined with ceramic tile, flooring clay materials. Dominated here terracotta color. In the kitchen are constantly eating, because here in the center of a large table, and a work area hidden in a certain niche. Kitchen furniture wooden handmade.
The Mediterranean style - a combination of modesty, elegance and space.

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