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The interior in green color

The interior in green color

Spring is coming, therefore, it is necessary to breathe new life into the home environment.

This can be done with light green interior.

Make positive in the interior portions. It is unlikely that you decide to radically paint all the walls in the house in light green color, but do not recommend combining it with bright colors - it will bust.

Combine the lime in the interior with its morefaded "relatives": swamp, pistachio, green. And brown, burgundy and black contrast. Not willing to radically change the color of the walls in the house? Then make a light green color accents. Let bizarre bright green mold on the wall scatter or focus on the most prominent place in a single figure. It is enough to create a faded background juicy marked spot.

Arrange food in green color, then itfilled with energy and force. In addition, psychologists believe that the light green color of safeguard against overeating by making more moderate appetite. Modern manufacturers offer a variety of kitchen furniture, with which is not difficult to create a kitchen interior in green color. "Apron" of tiles light green or light green glossy variants of furniture for kitchen - decide for yourself!

By creating a bedroom interior in that colorregistration, be discreet. You can paint the bedroom door light green paint, paint the walls a light pattern. Just remember that bright colors are energy, with him to be careful. Suffice it to hang in the bedroom curtains or buy a green color light green linens.

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