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On the holy places of Nazareth



In the north of Israel there is a city that Christians and Muslims honor and like, is the city of Nazareth.

According to the Christian legend, it was in Nazareth that the childhood and youth of the Savior passed.

To get to this city, you will have to fly by plane to Haifa, Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. Then you should change to a special bus, which will take you to Nazareth.

Spring, summer and autumn will please your weather andAbsence of precipitation. August temperature reaches +29 degrees Celsius. In winter, precipitation is not uncommon. The temperature in the daytime is about 10-15 degrees with a plus sign. The best time to visit Nazareth begins in the middle of spring and ends in the middle of autumn.

In this city,Cheap hotels of the middle class. Accordingly, in Nazareth of the most. If you want to stay in a chic room, then you will have to make some efforts to find a hotel that would suit you. For those whose budget is seriously limited, there are hotels where you can rent a room from 800 rubles per day.

Foreign vacationers appreciate walks in this ancient city, because it includes noisy areas, and cozy streets with flower beds and unsurpassed architecture.

You can make purchases at a young marketA bough that is under the open sky. Smells of coffee and spices will literally enchant you, and you will be tempted by anyone and buy something for your house.

After you complete all the necessaryShopping, it would be nice to drop into one of the local restaurants, which will please you with freshly prepared fish or a steak of meat. As a rule, in any institution you will be served a special Arabian flat cake. You can drink your delicacy with real Israeli wine, which has an excellent quality, skillfully combined with a small price.

If the time of your stay in this cityWill fall on some religious holiday, then you can enjoy different acting scenes and musical performances. Especially widely in Nazareth is celebrated the Nativity of Christ and Easter.

Once in Nazareth, it is worth to visit the general excursion "Galilee Christian", where you will be told how this city was before, and what happened here several thousand years ago.

Also give yourself a treat and admire theThe largest Catholic temple in the East - the Temple of the Annunciation. Not far from it there are several famous Christian churches, for example the church of the Archangel Gabriel.

It is worth paying attention to the Muslim mosque, which is called the people of the White Mosque. They say that this is one of the most beautiful mosques in the world.

Nazareth sheltered both Christians andMuslims who live together in full mutual understanding, which is rather strange for the modern world. Perhaps this place really carries a special energy? Check it out for yourself, go on a trip to the holy places of Nazareth.

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