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How to Heat a Room


How to Heat a Room</a>

With the advent of autumn, the apartment is filled with dampness andCold, and heating is still waiting for a long time. And, as you know, the normal and comfortable state of a person in most cases depends on the temperature of the air in the room in which he resides.

So, in what ways can you heat a room so that you do not have to get cold?



With the arrival of cold weather, it is necessary to insulate the windows andDoors, especially if they have cracks. Of course, the ideal option would be to change doors and windows, but this method is not suitable for everyone, since you will have to shell out a large amount of money. You can use paper, foam or self-adhesive insulation. With large gaps between the frame and the glass, the seal will pass cold air. In this case, it is possible to cover with a special putty-sealant. And for sealing large gaps, prepare a gruel from chalk paste (1 part of water, 2 parts of chalk and 1 part of flour glue). Doors are insulated with a polymer hollow cord, it must be glued on the inside along the entire perimeter of the door.


Often, central heating is not able toMaintain the desired and optimal temperature. Therefore, you need to purchase an additional source of heat - a heater. When choosing it, consider the area of ​​the heated room. The greater the power of the heater, the correspondingly, it will have more heat emission.


You can buy a fan heater, it consists ofHeating element and fan, which spreads heat around the room. The case of this device is mainly plastic, but ceramic models also appeared on sale. The fan heater is compact in size and light, it quickly heats the air in the room. Its main drawback is considered noise at work and the fact that it drives dust around the room. Therefore, it is not recommended to use such a device in the children's room, especially if the baby is allergic.


If you live in a private home, then perfectOption will build a fireplace. It will not only create an atmosphere of coziness and warmth, but also decorate the interior of the house. However, such a hearth is capable of heating only one room, and not the whole room, as much as it would like. It can be the most real, which must be heated with firewood. And you can buy decorative - electric, it also emits heat and creates the effect of real fire, besides, you will not have problems with its installation.

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