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How to make the foundation for the house

Building a house with his own hands - an honorable and praiseworthy initiative

Building a house with his own hands? commendable and honorable endeavor, certainly prepared over several years.

Any house begins with the foundation, so picking up construction of its own castle, you have to know how to make the foundation.

You will need

  • - A large trough for mixing concrete (or concrete mixer) -
  • - Natural stone or fight red kirpicha-
  • - pesok-
  • - water-
  • - Fittings.



Do not try to save on the type of foundation, be sure to arrange a belt instead of pier foundation.


Now do not try to save on volume? dig a pit strictly according to calculations, in any case, not less. Do not forget the high load-bearing wall? pit beneath it must be the same as for the main wall.


Do not forget to dig a small pit under the porch? stairs, too, needs a foundation.


Prepare a special large trough for mixing the concrete solution. Better, of course, to prepare concrete mixers or to portable mixers.


Prepare a large enough natural stone or red brick battle. White is not suitable for the foundation!


Sprinkle the bottom of the pit layer of sand (10-20 cm) and spill his water? This will cushion on it you can make a foundation for a house.


On the sand scribble a little fight? so that the sand is free to browse through the layer.


Pour the prepared solution for the first layeraround the perimeter and a central portion. No need to make concrete layer thickness of 20-30 cm. Concrete mix at the same time must be sufficiently liquid to coat the stones and bricks.


On top lay a layer of concrete reinforcement prepared? pipes, angles, rods, steel wire of not less than 5 mm thick. Pay special attention to the corners.


Again scribble over the reinforcement layer fight, then back fill with a layer of concrete.


The procedure is repeated as many times as necessary to complete the filling of the pit.


If there is an opportunity to get an industrial vibrator, always use it after pouring the next layer.


Drying layers before the next casting can not wait.


Ready foundation necessary? Prozheleznit? - Sprinkle a thin layer of clean, dry cement.


Wait for the complete drying of the foundation before further work!

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