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How to make a foundation for a house


Building a house with your own hands is a commendable and honorable undertaking</a>

Building a house with your own hands? A commendable and honorable undertaking, probably prepared for several years.

Any house begins with a foundation, therefore, when you undertake to build your own fortress, you must know how to make a foundation.

You will need

  • - large trough for mixing concrete (or concrete mixer) -
  • - natural stones or a fight of red brick-
  • - sand-
  • - water-
  • - fittings.



Do not try to save on the type of foundation, be sure to arrange a tape, rather than a columnar foundation.


Now do not try to save on volumes? Dig the foundation pit strictly according to calculations, in no case less. Do not forget about the middle bearing wall? Ditch under it should be the same as under the main walls.


Do not forget to dig a small pit under the porch? Steps also need their own foundation.


Prepare a special large trough for mixing concrete solution. Better, of course, to prepare concrete in mixers or portable concrete mixers.


Prepare large natural stones or a red brick battle. White for the foundation is not suitable!


Put a layer of sand (10-20 cm) on the bottom of the foundation pit and pour it with water? It will be a pillow, on it you can make a foundation for the house.


On the sand, sketch a little fight? So that the sand can be easily seen through the layer.


Fill the prepared mortar with the first coat ofThe entire perimeter and in the central part. It is not necessary to make a layer of concrete thicker than 20-30 cm. The concrete solution should be liquid enough to envelop stones and bricks.


At the top of the concrete layer, lay the prepared reinforcement? Pipes, corners, rods, steel wire with a thickness of at least 5 mm. Pay special attention to the corners.


Again, throw a layer of combat over the reinforcement, then pour a layer of concrete again.


Repeat the procedure as many times as necessary until the excavation is completed.


If it is possible to get an industrial vibrator, be sure to use it after filling the next layer.


Drying of layers before the next filling can not wait.


Ready foundation is necessary? - sprinkle on top with a thin layer of clean dry cement.


Wait for the foundation to dry completely before starting any further work!

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