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The first Olympic gold medal in women's figure skating

Adelina Sotnikova with Russian flag

Adelina Sotnikova became the first Russian figure skater who won a gold medal at the Olympics.

In figure skating Russian athletes couldto win three Olympic gold medals in Sochi. Of course, the main emphasis is on team competitions in which the Russian team was able to defend the title of honorary leader in world figure skating. The expected and was a medal received in pairs figure skating. But what can win a gold medal in the women's Adelina Sotnikova form of competition, few expected. Moreover, the competition in this type of program is very strong. Adelina Sotnikova became the first Olympic champion, who won the highest dignity medal for the Russian team. Now Russian women's figure skating is on this rise. Even in the girls team must compete with each other. Get at least the same Julia Lipnitsky, which has already become an Olympic champion (in the individual competition she was able to take only the fifth place).

Unfortunately, in the team competition, AdelineSotnikova was unable to attend. But this turned out to be a positive thing, athlete able to fully concentrate on preparing for his main start. This medal has got is not easy, because after the short program between the main contenders for medals remained minimal gap. Arbitrary same program could place the skaters to their seats. Russian athletes on the program cost base was 4 points higher than in the current world champion Yu-Na Kim. Carolina Kostner also lost by the base cost elements, despite the fact that its program skated flawlessly.

Russian athlete could prove thatIt is the strongest in this kind of program. After winning Adeline Korean team filed a protest to appeal the results of the skater. However, Russian has received higher marks for elements of the program (the gap amounted to little more than five points). But the points scored for the components of the program, both athletes were the same. Therefore, we can say with confidence that the victory of the Russian figure skater turned deserved.

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