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The first machine: how to choose

First car: how to choose

Buying a first car - one of the most exciting moments in my life, but also one of the most important, if you do not want to be disappointed in buying.

Often, inexperienced drivers make their choice only on personal preferences, the advice of others, to persuade the seller, thus making a big mistake.

The first vote their financialstate. If you buy a car for cash, consider spending on registration, to pay for insurance and MOT. If you buy a used car, put a large sum - in not a new car will have to invest first, and then - to exploit. Very responsibly Treat choice in case the car is bought on credit. In the coming years, while the term of the loan does not come to an end, the car should not disappoint.

Choosing a car

On the one hand, many advise beginnersbuy a used / in cars - the old car is not a pity to knock, easier and cheaper to maintain. But second-hand cars can deliver a lot of problems in the form of frequent breakdowns, and the initial investment (oil change, filters, repair minor faults) will be felt. The new machine is more reliable than poezzhennaya, and from the outset accustom inexperienced driver to the cautious style of driving.
When you select the brand and model assumespurpose vehicle, its dimensions, engine power and fuel consumption. Read reviews of the model, ask the cost of repairs and parts, complete set vote, compare prices.
Choosing a specific model of car, notResist the impulse to buy something else. After an initial selection was made on the basis of a thoughtful decision, analyze the information, and reckless buying is likely to disappoint. Ask about discounts and promotions in showrooms - they can save some money.

Buying a car

When buying a used car carefullyinterests of its technical condition. Take a reliable person who will be able to assess the degree of "killed" cars. Be sure to visit the technical center and make the diagnosis. Specialists with the equipment fully check the car, will reveal all hidden defects, called the cost of repairs.
Carefully read the papers, do not be lazymake educated purchase and sale agreement with passport data seller. If suddenly to defects of which the seller has "forgotten" - it is an occasion or to cancel the purchase or demand to slow down price.
In the showroom, such precautions areredundant. But still do not lose vigilance, carefully inspect the car inside and out. The body can have scratches or other defects of paintwork. Disks and bottom should not have traces of rust. Seats should be wrapped in cellophane, and the speedometer does not exceed 50 km. Take a test drive. Engine, gearbox, steering and brakes must work without any complaints, should not be anything to rattle in the cabin.

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