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FIRST kitten days in a new home

The first days of a kitten in a new home

For kitten moving into a new house - it is a lot of stress.

Besides his torn from his mother, so also brought in an unfamiliar place.

Follow the simple tips to your kitty quickly accustomed to the house, its location and you.

The very first thing you should do - isto prepare a home for the kitten. Choose a location in a quiet room and the bed where the litter. Choose a location where the kitten will be there, and there put two bowls (water and food), and put in a toilet pan with sand or a special filler. The kitten should get used to where everything is, so do not limit it in motion. If he starts to hide under the bed or other hard to reach places - do not let the kitten. Once the kitten accustom - stop hiding.

Be affectionate with kitten, do not forget himplay. But immediately let him know that it is forbidden for him. Do not shout at him, spoke softly, but in a stern voice. Most refer to a kitten by name, so he quickly remembers her nickname and will respond.

The first two or three weeks, try not to invite a lot of people in the house. And do not allow people to take the kitten in his arms, if the kitten does not want it.
Do not leave room for the kitten dangerous things in the area of ​​accessibility: the paint, cosmetics, small or sharp items, paper. The kitten can play too and swallowed something that can be very dangerous.

Kitten claws grow, and it needs to grind them. Take care of the kittens, kitten not to spoil your furniture. Kittens can be bought or made from pieces of wood itself.

Kittens love to play. Obtain for him a few toys: fluffy fur mouse, bright and colorful things, rustling candy wrappers. Kittens - hunters, so happy to be playing with you, your household and your own.

If you leave your baby alone, do not forget to leave him enough food, water and clean toilet.

Your kitten slowly get used to the unfamiliar surroundings and will bring joy to everyone around.

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