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The fight against pigment spots means that is always at hand

The fight against pigment spots

Smooth skin has always been a sign of youth andBeauty, but is not insured is not a woman from the appearance of age spots. Their causes are many: the abuse of sunbathing, age, hormonal surges (pregnancy), health problems.

Liver spots are the result of uneven skin melanin.

In any case, the appearance of pigmentation necessary to consult a doctor, and only after eliminating the likelihood of serious diseases, you can attempt to restore the skin to its previous form.

Since no intense pigmentation may handle via lotions
- Cucumber Lotion. For its preparation is necessary: ​​one small cucumber, 50 g vodki- 50 grams of boiled water. Cucumber rub on a grater, put the pulp in a tightly sealable jar, pour the vodka and put in the refrigerator for 3 days. Do not forget a couple of times a day to shake the contents of the cans, after filter, dilute infusion of water and obtain about 100 g of lotion. Wipe the skin for at least three a day for a month.
- Kefir - a universal remedy for skin whitening. If possible wipe yogurt face as often as possible, and within a month, most stains will disappear without a trace.
- Calendula tincture is also very effective inanti-pigmentation. Tincture bought at the pharmacy, at a ratio of 1: 1 diluted with boiled water, add honey and stir. Wipe week, five times a day. Repeat the course after a week's break. The result is noticeable field two courses applying lotion. When burning or discomfort, tincture must be diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 2.
Get rid of the strongly pronounced pigment spots, you can use masks
- Potatoes perfectly whitens the skin. You can apply on face finely sliced ​​potato or glass of grated mush, adding a spoonful of sour cream or honey. This mask is applied not less than twice a week.
- Curd mask: 100 g fat cottage cheese mixed thoroughly with a spoon of hydrogen peroxide (3%), add the egg yolk and honey. The resulting mass is applied to areas with pigmentation, covered with plastic wrap and kept for 30 minutes. To prevent damage to the skin, the mask is not necessary to apply more than once a week.
With proper care of the skin, the appearance of age spots can be avoided. Do not abuse the sun tan, drink more water and your skin will retain a fresh appearance and good color.

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